Aus doodles

Document illustrative reportage of some of the places and things I have seen over my time down under, the holiday part of my visa is nearly over but once I start working and get more dollar hopefully the traveling will continue, and so will the doodles!


Road trip: Melbourne to Sydney


11.o.clock start on our first day of our road trip! We picked up our camper van which could comftably fit me, Luke, and Stu. It was a bitter sweet start to the journey as I hadn’t really drove, bare in mind a camper van since I passed my driving test when I was 17! Within around 10 minutes I was on the motorway, shitting myself. But it was all good. Our first stop we planned was around 5 hours away at lakes entrance. I managed to route us through a national park, which was out the way but it was fantastic driving in the uneven road and wilderness, we even saw a kangaroo… it was dead in mind but still a sight. Sneakily Luke helped out with the driving too, as I realised after a couple of hours I started to develop headaches , so looks like I need driving glasses, poo. Once at Lakes Entrance we found a paid camper van site, bought dinner rented a film and watched it in bed, we all managed to fit on the bottom double bed so you can imagine it was very cost but very warm! (Only to watch the film though) we didn’t all sleep in the double bed, Stu had his only penthouse bed. Around the lake which was only walking distance away had black swans in it, they was gorgeous and had a very potent orange/red beak. They was surrounded by their gray babies. The cutest ever. The sunset was unreal. 


I started to really enjoy the freedom of campervan like, waking up and decided where to go and where to stop, it was thrilling, especially when you finally arrive at your last stop of the day. We had to check out of the camper van site at 10 so we all got ready and drove to the water front and had breakfast. It was then a long 250km up the A1, Princess Highway, going up one road for like over 2 hours is surreal, makes you realise how big Australia is! On the way to Eden we stopped through Cann River, it was a tiny faint little town and it’s main attraction was the river. It was so small it didn’t even have a cash point! We stopped off and had a light lunch and coffee. Once we had refilled and taken some pictures we head ed off again, just in time too as the flies really loved being in your personal space and I mean you would literally have at least 10 flies just sitting and flying around you. Pain in the bum. Back on the road we headed to Eden, the most southerly town in New South Wales, it was extremely pretty and still early in the day so we walked around the town and headed towards the Whale Musum, we had a nose in but it was shutting so didn’t see much which was a shame then we walked to the check view point which was absolutely stunning, it was a view point over looking the coastcliff and ocean. 

We arrived at our campsite which was right next to the Lake. This lake had more of the black swans and even some pelicans. Gorgeous view especially when it was the sun set, we had a nice chilled night , I wrote some of my blog and Luke and Stu played footy man…. for literally hours. Good thing I can keep myself entertained! 


Early start again this time we headed to Narooma, I loved Narooma, we got very close to the locals, the local lorikeets. I love them but they aren’t half cheeky, distant relatives of the parrot, the colours of their feathers is gorgeous. They are very confident and love attention off people. Stu threw bread in my hair which was a barrel of laughs as there was about 8 of them gripping there sharp little claws into my scalp, all good though. I really wanted to bring them into the camper van and drive off! They was adorable! I I really liked it here it was pleasant and the weather was just right, not too hot, not too humid. That night we had lots of rain, it was a nice change. 

Second to last day of our little trip and we headed towards the 3rd largest city in New South Wales, Wollongong. The town wasn’t much of sight to see, but then again I didn’t really have a good look around just drove through towards the caravan site which was along the coast and beach front. The beach was lovely, soft sand and rapid currents and waves. We only had a quick dip but after the drive from Narooma it was very refreshing and soothed my poor driving headache! 

Overall I had a brilliant time just being on the open road, and using the Princess Highway it literally is just miles and miles on one straight massive open road. Driving on motorways, through tiny rustic towns, along national parks and heritage sites, there is nothing better especially being back at a hostel you realise all the freedom you had, I do love what hostels have to offer but there’s nothing like your own space. 

Current day- 14/11/2016

It’s finally hit me that the holiday part of the visa is coming to an end, I’m not struggling for money or anything like that but with everyone getting jobs and working long hours I realise I don’t really enjoy spending it by myself, don’t get me wrong I love me time but when it’s your 4th day straight at the beach and job searching is slow, and quite bloody painful (computer endured headaches) it’s rubbish, I am hoping to find a little job soon to fill my time. All positive vibes through still an amazing experience living in Sydney and on bondi beaches doorstep.

Magnetic island, Cairns, & Melbourne


After leaving Airlie Beach very early we headed towards Townsville so we could catch a ferry over to Magnetic island onto Nelly Bay Harbour. We had a few hiccups in the morning but luckily we all managed to make the coach in the morning so we didn’t miss the ferry. Once we got onto the island we figured out the bus times and realised our hostel wasn’t too far away! Only a 3 minute bus ride! The weather was crazy hot, you could feel your back burning through your t shirt. It was definitely sit in the shade weather. We planned only to stay in magnetic island for one day and I wish we did stay longer as it was gorgeous. Our hostel was on the beach front, very pretty. That night we all settled down and watched a film, it was the first chill night in a long time and it was long over due. Everyone needed it. 


Back on the road again back to Townsville to catch our coach to Cairns, our final stop on our East Coach trip! The coach was a easy 5 hours, I think we have all managed to hack these coachs! Nearly 4 weeks later and 40 hours worth of coach rides we arrived in Cairns, it was around half 10 at night and it was only a 10 minute walk to our hostel Gilligans ,it is part hostel, part club/restaurant. Tad lively. We ended up going down for just a ‘couple’. 


Up nice and early today, we met up with George yesterday who was in our group at Fraser Island, so we ended up hiring a mini bus, him as our designated driver and drove to most of the water falls and some drop off points over looking lakes and the sunset. It was a brilliant day! To start off we drove to Josephine falls in the Wooroonooran national park. That was brilliant! Nearly had a scare though jumping off the rock edges into the water pool but it’s all good, didn’t try it again though. The water was very deep and it was difficult to just breath normally, very strange but so refreshing. 

Next along the table lands we arrived at Millaa Millaa falls, we all swam under the fall into the shelted rocks. It was honestly boss. Our aim was to swim at every  waterfall, however we couldn’t at Zillie falls, we managed to find a man made foot path through the forest, so we could get a better view of the descending water. I think the fear of snakes and spiders has faded now, walking through dense forest floors does not bother me anymore. Touch wood. On the way to Ellinjaa falls we stopped off at North Johnstoneriver lookout 1.7km down. It was beautiful.  Last on the cards was Heals Outlook, we went to watch the sunset then realised we was on the wrong side of the mountain road, well we tried and it was still a belter view.  26/11/2016

Much needed rest day is needed soon but we will be up for a good 20 hours as we have to be at the airport for 3 in the morning as we all decided to get a flight to Melbourne, and believe it or not but the flights 3 hours and 20 minutes long, mental. You forget how big Australia is! Our last day at Cairns we spent at the lagoon which was lovely, you can’t actual swim in the sea due to the salt water crocodiles which is poop. Later that night me and Luke then went to the pictures which was nice, little date night with Luke. 


From being in the 33 degree heat in Cairns to 16 and cloudy in Melbourne it was definitely a bit shock it went from bikini weather to jumper and jeans within a few hours. Lucky I brought a pair of jeans! We are staying at a base hostel in St Kilda which is very quirky and lovely it’s on the beach front by Lunar theme park. As it was Sunday there was also a stall market along the beach peer. After a few hours and checking into our room we all had a little nap and headed into the city. We walked to the national museum and library, both gorgeous buildings, next we headed to The exhibition statue which was so pretty the water fountain and all the lights just illuminated Carlton park with was opposite the building and it was full of possums. It was mental they was just running around everywhere! That night we stayed out an headed towards Fitzroy and went for a drink it didn’t half remind me of lark lane, very quirky and cool looking. On the walk back to the tram we walked passed St Patrick’s Cathedral, fantastic looking building.


Today we literally got a tram into town city centre, went to the entry that’s famous for pbeing completely full of graffiti? It’s brilliant when you look around and realise everything it literally covered from sourround buildings to the street bins, this was in Melbourne CBD. After that we walked to China town and obviously had Chinese food then went back to the hostel for mad mondays bingo, quality. However we didn’t win. 😦


Today was a chill day, we headed to the beach with George and enjoyed the only sun we might get on our visit to Melbourne, it was only a 5 minute walk from our hostel so we didn’t really have to do much walking, we then found out that penguins live on the pier of kilda next to the beach but mainly come out after sun set, so we waited till 9pm and headed to the pier and I had no thought that we would actually see one let alone 50 it was incredible and I found out they are called little penguins because they are tiny!! Cutest things ever. I even seen some babies, It was hard to get a good photo as we wasn’t allowed to use flash on the poor things but I managed to get some while they walked under the post lights, such a boss little experience ! 


Back to the city centre me Luke, Stu , and George headed to Southbank and went into Eureka tower and went to the top floor, 88 stories high, the views were incredible. We literally had a 360 view of the whole city. AAAND then we had another Chinese, blame george for that. We also went into happy travels and hired a camper van for the following day to get us to Sydney for Monday! Road trip!!! 



Checked in to Oz Sails at 8 in the morning to get ready for our Whitsundays tour! Two nights, three days sailing around the cluster of the Whitsundays 72 islands. It was brilliant the boat was a racing boat built in the 80s so it was very steady and heavy, 44 ton in total and 36 metres tall! It was a lovely little boat however there was 3 members of staff and 28 people so it was a tad cramped! 

We first set off to Hook island on route everyone had to get involved and listen to the sailing rules and regulations, they even got (forced) volunteers to help get the sails up and tighten the rope. It was all very technical. Once at Hook island we got our swimming stinger suits on and prepared to snorkel! The weather wasn’t too great but the visibility under the water was still pretty good! At first getting into open water is very nerve racking but I think once I was in it was brilliant! I didn’t want to swim I just layed on the water taking everything in, I didn’t want to miss a second of the coral city’s under me surrounded by dozens and dozens of fish. It was honestly brilliant. We all got reassured about the presence of sharks and that he highly doubted that we would see one. Didn’t really reassure anyone! After about 20 minutes floating around we all started to get picked up in groups of 10 as the bad weather moved in quick and made the water very choppy and visibility under the water was quite poor, after getting everyone on the main boat he then told us he has never put snorkelers  out in that condition, apparently we all done a great job though! I would like to say once we was dry on the boat we had dinner under shelter but in fact there was no shelter and it was raining, so everyone just waited around on deck, wet and a bit cold. (We wasn’t allowed to go below the deck wet) luckily it only rained for about 30 mins. Matty was our host on the boat, like our mum, he cleaned and cooked for everyone while also assisting Alex, who was one of the sailers. Once Matty brought out our dinner everyone started to lighten up, dinner was cheesy mash and chives, chicken and fresh veg. It was the best all of us have ate In a whole month! It was a early night as we all had to be up extra early the next morning ready to go and see whitsunday beach. While me and Luke was setting up our bed I head a massive slap, turn around and there’s just a squid sitting on the floor! It had literally jumped right in through our window on the cabin! I pooed myself, it was only little though so Alex through it back overboard. 

Oh forgot to say, all our scraps of food went over board, at first I thought nothing over it but you realised it turned the surrounding areas of the boat into a full feeding frenzy. Everyone saved all the chicken scraps till last for one reason only to get the sharks in. And it worked! It was only a little one but it still looked around 4 foot long. Scary! 


5:10 start for most people on the boat to see the sun rise at 5:17, as much as I should have got up to see it I couldn’t be bothered. I seen everyone’s pictures and it did look stunning, me and Luke finally got up at around 5:45 to have breakfast  and to get ready for our early arival at tongues bay. Once at the bay we had to walk up an unmarked foot bath to Bette beach, once we was here we had some pretty amazing views of whitsundays beach, like it was honestly brilliant and stunning. The swirls around the water and untouched beach was spectacular. The weather could have been better but can’t have it good always! We got back to the boat around half 10 in the morning and started sailing accros the Coral sea and over the Great Barriar Reef conservation area. Completely stunning I think I would have most definitely enjoyed the whole experience more if I wasn’t sea sick! Not good at all, going below deck made you feel 10x worse too! Luckily it didn’t take us long to get to our next snorkelling location which was Blue Pearl Bay. We got a little heads up from Alex about George. George is an Australian groper and weighed in at 400 kilograms and is 3 metres long and he was extremely friendly and didn’t mind the attention of all the snorkelers. I even got to give him a big stroke. He has been the king of the Great Barrier Reef for around 25 years. We then sailed for another hour to our next spot, it was here I got to see Nemo, however he was more emo, his skin was a lot darker than our first idea of a clown fish, instead of having white strips he had black. Still cute though, hiding in a huge piece of coral that had a small opening on the top. There was another fish similar to George at this location but her name was Lisa and she was just as welcoming and friendly managed to get a good cuddle of her. It was here that I truely felt that I was in another world. Being around thousands of fish and jelly fish and swimming through mountains of multicoloured corals is something I would most definitely do again. Once back on the boat we sailed to the back/south side of Hook island to rest and get ready for dinner. We had two extra guests on board today, Steve and his mrs , the boats seagulls. Steve has worked out if he stays with the boat he will get his three meals a day. Clever seagull.  That night I was once again stunned there’s is nothin better (once you have had an anti sickness tablet) looking at the sky, and listening to the soft waves and jumping fish around the boat.


Last day of our adventure on the Spank Me boat, and we headed out nice and early to Black Island. Breading ground for turtles, this was Alex’s favourite spot to snorkel and he told us to look out for the coral. It was here I managed to trick the fish to swim around me by dangling my fingers in and out of the water, it back fired as one little bugger was really quick and leaped out the water biting my poor finger. It wasn’t all bad as the fish were so close to my face and hands I managed to give lots of them a little stroke. While swimming with the current me and Luke noticed a off shape on the sea bed and it was a resting sting ray! It wasn’t too scary though only a little one the size of a diner plate. I did love all the other places we went snorkelling but there was something about this Reef, the sheer depth and beauty, and mass of openness, it didn’t half make you feel very insignificant, by far one of the wonders of the world. 

Fraser Island 


Started the day early at half 5, group meeting was at 6.30 in the morning and check out was 6am. Killer, we headed out I think at around half 7 from Torquay to drive and depart from Hervey Bay onto a barge, it was quite exciting! We traveled over the barges in 4x4s. Luckily it fitted 8 people so non of our group got spilt up, which was good. I have never been in a car driven off road so once we got to Fraser Island and got off road it was brilliant! Me and Luke were in the back on the car which felt like we might as well of just sat in the boot as the seats were lifted! At one point Luke forgot to put his seat belt on and went absolutely flying everywhere, luckily he’s fine so no one needs to worry! Before we got to our base camp we drove about 30 minutes to Lake Birrabeen, through the ancient rainforest, it was honestly breathtaking and full of awe. The lake was fresh water and it is completely lifeless, It was also full of natural oils from the tea tree plants. So it was brilliant for your skin. We had a little dip and then dried off on the clear sandy sorrounding beachs. It was truest a hidden paradise. It was just our tour group here which made it extra special. Apparently most tour buses don’t head up to that part of the island so it looks very untouched and peaceful! 

After that we drove for another 20 minutes to the eastern part of the island and ended up next to a walk clearing and stairs, our tour guide Tony told us to follow the path and we will find Lake Wabby, which has lots of fish in it, the kid that nibble at your feet. He left us to walk up, we realised why as it took us 35 minutes in total to find the lake. Walking through the subtropical rainforest was spectacular it’s depth and hidden wildlife is something I wont forget. Once we walked through the forest we walked into a open field which was just covered in untouched sand. It was amazing. We followed the vague foot prints from people before us and at the bottom of a huge sand dune was Lake Wabby. It wasn’t as pretty as other lakes as it’s green complection doesn’t look as pretty as a blue lake but it’s full of history and heritage, rich green waters full of wild life and having the chance to witness it was truley lovely to see. In 100 years time the lake will not be there no more due to the movement of the island and the high surrounding sand dunes around the lake. It will be swallowed up. I had a little swim but I’m a little poo bag when it comes to water I can’t see through especially water with fish and stuff in it, so after the quick swim I sat on the edge and let the fish nibble at my feet and legs. Everyone was doing the exact same it was strangely satisfying and tickly but the a bigger fish would eventually come over and it felt like a good chew so I couldn’t handle that! 

After the walk back to the cars we drove around 15 minutes up the beach to our camp site. It was surrounded by electric tenses as wild dingos are a problem especially when food is left out. However the fence did not stop snakes or spiders and we had a little spider scare on the second night. Luckily it was only a baby huntsman (they usually grow about the size of a dinner plate but this one was around the length of my finger.) I managed to get some good photos of it though! Everyone then went down to the beach to watch the moon rising, it came up around 8pm and was honestly brilliant, it was the brightest moon I have ever seen and I have never seen so many stars in the sky , It was just platsted with sparkling white dots everywhere. Completely beautiful!  I was gone so I went to bed early at 9 but most people stayed up till around 2! 


Today Tony got us up at half 7 to head down to Eli Creek on the way we stopped off at 75 Mile Beach, to see Maheno Shipwreck which has been half sunk onto the beach for 81 years. Very airy and interesting Tony gave us a little history lesson about the ship and it was the fastest cruise liner for 25 years before anything was built to go faster. It got sold to Japan when one of its engines blew and it wasn’t cost effective to fix it so they sold it to Japan who then crashed it by accident. Very interesting. We then got to Eli creek which was a rapid freshwater stream which traveled from the opening of the forest down to the beach. It was adorable you had to walk along the man made wooden walkwells to a set of stairs descending into the knees high stream. We all took the plunge and realised it was freezing! But once we was in it was colder out of the water so it was easier to just hold it out till the bottom and enjoy the view. Me Luke and ate ended up doing it twice. Once we got out of the water and back onto the beach we noticed everyone looking and circling the left part of the beach, turned out it was a lone wild dingo ! Just having a little stroll. As cute as they look they can be vicious and are known to pinch people’s children. Scary stuff.   Then we traveled up to Cathedral Beach and walked up a tiny hill to find the champagne pools, which is meant to be like being in a spa in a jacuzzi pool. However it wasn’t so much like a spa but like a cold pond of the ocean. Still nice though!  We then walked up to Indian head which is the most easterly point of the island which provided us with a 360 view of the beaches and rain forest.     This was the last thing we had scheduled that day so as tony said ‘it’s drinking time’. It took us around 40 minutes to get back to camp in the cars. Which wasn’t too bad. That night we had another stroll on the beach and there’s something special aboutstanding on a beach that’s 75 miles long with nothing either side of you just beaches. Literally that’s all you can see, no other people, no cars, no street lamps just beaches and the edge of the rain forest. We noticed lots of little holes along the beach and it turned out it was tiny crabs and once we noticed them, we seen crabs everywhere however they was scratchy little buggers if one walked past you and got too close it would give you a little pinch.  


Last day at Fraser, very sad had a wonderful time and experience it’s exactly how I imagined what Australia would be like. The whole group we was put wit was a lot of fun as well full of all different characters and cultures. I think the most memorial people was the South Americans, the latinas were very crazy ladies. The last place to see was Lake McKenzie, that was lovely however the sun was hiding and once you got out of the water you was bloody freezing! Still gorgeous place to see and visit and it topped up the whole trip perfectly. 

Brisbane, Noosa 

Brisbane was what you expect a few developed city to be like, not in a bad way but it had nothing on Sydney and didn’t offer much activities, however we did walk around and through the Boltanic gardens and along the water front which was lovely. It sort of reminded me of places like Manchester. It had all the Christmas lights up and lots of shops but it just didn’t have the vibe I loved, can’t beat Byron, famous place so far on the trip! 

The building we was staying at looked very 1850s, reminded me a lot like New Orleans. It had all the original wooden beams through the stair case and had a old fashioned lift. The ones you have to open and close the mental doors and you can see people walking up the stairs as you go up. However it was very temperamental. 


Loved today, got up nice and early to catch the 8:37 train to Beerwah to then get a free bus to Steve Irwins zoo, ‘Australias Zoo’ it was really nice! Watched a bird and crocodile show at 12 and then saw a tiger show at 2.30 it was crazy. Especially when you see what the tigers can do! We then walked through the Red kangaroo area. It was brilliant you was able to stoke and feed them. I couldn’t believe how friendly they was. After we left it took us on a path to see the koalas. However every single one of them was asleep, in all mad positions, it was brilliant. I had a little stroke of one of the Ines of a lower tree, it felt like a old rug, but it was adorable! I could have taken all of them home. We ended up going to another kangaroo enclosure (because I couldn’t help myself and had to stroke another one) got a good photo of me and Luke next to a very chilled one as well! All the animals were lovely, got to see a tiger cub and leopard out on a walk, very strange seeing them walk around on a lead! It was the train on the way back that was a killer, it took around two hours. Jeff proper needed a wee as well, which entertained everyone for about 25 mins!  


Yesterday we all arrived in Noosa by coach, it was a bit of a stressful coach journey as our accommodation plan sort of fell through so we (I say we but I didn’t really help at all as I didn’t have any data left on my phone) to sort out new accommodation for that night, after about 30 minutes of Connor making phone calls we found one that even picked us up from the bus station. Result. It’s beautiful, the whole place is very chilled and we are within walking distance of Pelican beach, and the water front. And when I say walking distance I mean it’s literally end the end of our street! As soon as we checked in and got settled in it was the daily commute to finding a Aldi, which was only a 15 min walk away, not too bad. In the evening we spent our time at a little restaurant and bar which was only next door to our hostel. 

Today we had a walk around the local shopping area and the water front. And in about an hour we are going kayaking! Can’t bloody wait! 


Yesterday all of us went kayaking up the water front and onto a little sand island just off the coast of Noosa, it was brilliant. We left Pelican beach around half 3. (There was in facts lots of pelicans, it was fantastic) However It wasn’t half hard work, killed my poor arms and fingers but got to see a pair of Eagles and a sting ray. It last around 3 hours and on the way back we got to see the sun setting which was gorgeous, the sky was a mixture of light blues and pinks. Luckily our tour guide took a so many pictures which she will be sending to us in the next couple of days, can’t wait to see them. At one point she made us all stand in a line and jump it was very cheesy but we all put the effort in, especially because she was a lovely woman and brought us loads of snacks. One we got back into the beach, we walked to woolies to get some drinks and food for the BBQ, we used the BBQ tables available on the beach front which was boss.    And we sat under the super moon. 

I am now currently on a gray hound coach on the way to Hervey Bay off Fraser Coast! 


Today I emailed Vince Frost Studios to see if I could get a tour or even a placement *touch wood* when I’m back at Sydney, and guess what! Frost has requested I add him to his linkdn account which of course I did and they emailed back just asking if I had a portfolio I could Send them, since I am here, in Aus, I don’t have anything physical of my work, so I had to send them to my blog, which basically has a digital portfolio on my home page. Even if nothing comes out of it at least I have been in touch and maybe still get to see the studios! 


Bangkok and Aus

24th October

After 18 hours worth of flights to cologne then to Bangkok, me and Luke were finished. We arrived in Bangkok at around 8 in the morning so once we got to our hotel Playhaus Thonglor, which was based off Sukhumuit road and was stunning it was theatre themed and each floor had a different theme, we got upgraded to the Four Reigns, which was about a woman called Phloi. It was extremely interesting and well decorated. After a little cat rest we got a Tuk Tuk to Khao San road, which is like backpackers central. It’s full of food stalls, shops and bars, oh and lady Boys. While we was at a bar called lucky beer, we got offered to eat some cooked scorpions, only me and willo tried it, never again. Worst after taste ever. The whole night was a laugh and we ended up getting a Tuk Tuk back home. We might of got the train to Nana first before Khao San road but all the days there seem to have slipped into one. Lucky I took notes and kept receipts! At Nana we had a little nose around some of the stalls and markets but it wasn’t all that. I know for sure on the 26th we traveled to Pom Prat Sattru Phai & Wat Pho to see The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, it’s one of the most famous Buddhas because of its size and that is it covered in goldleaf. It was brilliant. To go into the temple I had to take my shoes off and wear a robe (apparently shorts and vest isn’t temple attire) to get in. It was very spiritual and especially because at one point we was surrounded by monks. Most of them was paying tribute to the late king. The whole country are in mourning and will be until next year. 

The smells is something I must point out, it was everywhere. So many smells at every street corner. Some you like and some you didn’t. Each stall cooked different kinds of food and had all kinds on display, hanging raw meats, hanging cooked meats, fish, bugs, bloody all kinds! It was and is the complete opposite of the environment, culture, and atmosphere I am used too, boss but very strange! 


October is the last month of ‘rain season’ and when it rained it poured… and also had a thunder and lighting storm too. It was the most lightning I have ever seen yet no one seemed dazed by it at all. In the end I had to buy a poncho for 200 Baht, which is probably like £5 . Later on in the day we went onto a boat cruise and paid for a private boat, that was really nice we went past places including Khlong chak Phra and went up Charl Phra canal which followed into Mon canal. While on the boat we was approached by two other boats which had to elderly ladies on, they was trying to sell snacks and drinks. They was absolutely delightful and we managed to get some brilliant pictures! After we got off the boat we walked through a tiny stall market just outside of Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang. Then we caught the train to Bang Wa were we went to a night time flee market. Which was a lot better than Nana. 


Back to the night flee market and a visit to a tourity /paid activity shop, ended up booking a day for the 29th (the next day) to see Don rak war cemetery, The death railway, The Jeath war museum, River Kwai, Elephant camp, and  Sao you noi waterfall. So it was a big trip for Saturday! 


Trip day, it was a long two hour drive to the first part of the trip which was the Don Rak War Museum, it was very airy, and cold, even in sweltering humidity! It was full of all different nationalities including the British many died as hostages building the Death railway. All the names were logged into a huge journal which was possible to read for the public. Very emotional. Back on the bus we drove about 10 minutes down the road to Jeath War Museum, it was huge, it was split utto 3 separate buildings, all correctly decorated to the theme of the museum. Here we got to look more into depth of the history behind the Death railway. All built by the remembered/honoured captives of the japs. We then walked to river Kwai next to the Khwae Yai. You can stay on the bridge while the train is passing across. A short walk later back to the bus we went water rafting at the elephant sanctuary. While we was here we fed the elephant some bananas. I still felt a lot of guilt on the poor elephants. On a lighter note the water rafting was brilliant, it didn’t last long though, the rain started again and it was really heavy so we had to get pulled back by a speed boat. Next on the activity list was the trip to Sao You Noi Waterfall. It was brilliant. Standing under the ascending water was something else, water was a bit brown but the locals seemed to love it. Our tour guide got videos and photos of us walking up and jumping into the stream below, it was amazing. The last place on the list was a trip on a train that ran on the Death railway track and across the bridge at Lum Sum. Spectacular views, incredible day! 

31/10/16.  Flight to Kuala Lumpur 

1/11/16. Flights to Sydney (kingsferd smith) 

Once we got out of Sydney airport  we decided to treat our selves and get a taxi to the hostel, Lord Wosley which was close to darling harbour. It was in a cute little area and the room wasn’t too bad! The only down fall was that there was no oven or hobs, microwave meals it is. After settling in and leaving our bags we walked to Hyde park, it took about 25 minutes then we got the 333 bus to meet the rest of the group who were staying next to bondi beach at Noah’s backpackers. We headed to the famous bondi beach but since it’s only the start of November it was warm but not ‘let’s go for a swim’ warm! Maybe in a couple of days.


This morning we spent a couple of hours at bondi beach again then traveled to bondi junction and jumped the train to town hall station. In the centre the town hall at a gorgeous people tree in its front it was beautiful! Then we headed up north to see the harbour and the opera house. It was stunning and the weather was perfect. The best place to take pics was Sydney CBD and the rocks! I also went to the commonwealth bank bank today and set up an account which put my mind at ease. 


Me and Luke had a lovely afternoon stroll along darling harbour, while walking along the water edge we noticed a jelly fish, then another and all of sudden there was literally hundreds of jelly fish. Monsterous. After that ancounter we walked over Pyrmint bridge, it was gave a clear view over Cockle Bay. That night we ended up staying for a few drinks at the boys hostel at bondi, I think we all had a bit too much and I ended up walking into a lamppost on the way to the beach. Full force!  


On route to the town center me and Luke went into the city market which was a huge indoor market site. After that we nosed around Woollahra and then headed back to CBD harbour, the difference being at the harbour at night compared to the day was mental, the skyline just jumped out at you! And the Opera House is literally stunning when it’s lit up. On the walk back to our hostel we went through China town the atmosphere was nice but it didnt compare to the China town in Liverpool, apparence wise. 

5/11/16 Beach day at bondi 


We booked a east cost trip up to cains using greyhound coach and services we have a night bus booked for yesterday night to get us to Byron bay which I was super excited for however due to bush fires we had to rearrange the bus to the next night. I can’t wait to get out of the big city, and go into a cute litttle beach town! Earlier that day we walked around the royal botanic garden. It was a bigger Sefton park, but it was slightly better, it was full of statues and water fountains and a huge public library that was very pleasing on the eyes. The park was gorgeous and a deadly sun trap!



Slow day at x base, since our night bus was cancelled last night we had to take whatever accommodation we could find. I ended up being in a girls only dorm. No one said Hi when I walked in, I was fuming. However the girls rooms had extra privileges like free hair dryers, which was boss!  However we paid $6 for a breakfast and it wasn’t even continental. Joke. 


My birthday! Spent the first half of it on a 13 hour night bus to Bryson Bay. It was good tho, me Luke, willow and Stu had front row seats is the view was good! But we got to see all the fallen bugs along the drive on the window screen, lovely. Got to open some presents off Luke on the bus which was perfect. The boys got me some little bits for my birthday too which was lovely.

Once we got to Byron Bay we realised how small Bryon was, everything is so local, very cute and chilled, very small town America. After we dropped our bags off at Nomads, we went to the beach. It was just what I needed to see after that 13 hour coach ride. Once back at the hostel we took a quick trip to a Aldi and went back and got on the goon, and had a very chilled afternoon/evening. 


Today we walked up to Cape Byron Bay lighthouse, we took the longer route and went past the Pass and Wategos beach, and reached the most easterly point of Australias mainland, breathtaking views the whole walk up the light house road was lovely! Got some quality pictures. That night we had a lightning and thunder storm, sure I mentioned that one or two happened in bangkok, well this definitely topped them all, never seen colours like it. Lightning was mental. Tonight we all had a shared dorm together which actually wasn’t that bad! Me and Luke just made a little den on our bottom bunk. 


Beach day at Byron! One thing I do love here is the beachs. It’s only a 5 minute walk from our hostel and the sands are soft and yellow and the water is crystal clear, you can see the fish the size of your hands swimming around. The waves are mad too, if you’re not careful they will literally knock you out! 


Today I checked out of Nomads and I am currently on the coach to Brisbane, it takes 4 hours but I don’t mind it has given me a chance to write this. I feel like I havnt had a proper chance to sit down and write! I have only drew twice this whole trip, don’t know what’s wrong with me! Gutted to be leaving Byron but excited to for the next couple of weeks of traveling ahead! 


Bangkok is brilliant, seedy, smelly and 6 days was enough! However I will be returning to Thailand to see everything else. I loved the capital but more adventures in the outskirts is needed. I am currently in the airport waiting to get to oz. I will update my blog with the ins and outs of Bangkok tomorrow. 😁

Aus Prep

Lately I have not been really organised, in a sense that in one month I wont be living in England anymore. Well I’m doing the whole backpack traveller’s thing,  have my working visa for Australia and while I m there I am going to save money so on my way back to the UK (After my yearly fill of down under) me and Luke can then travel through Thailand and Vietnam. I am super excited. I have just bought my backpack and a new diary planner which all important dates and of cause birthdays. God forbid someone never got a text or a Facebook happy birthday. I would get crucified! Anyhow. I am nearly done with all the essential’s. Its coming far to fast, I’m torn between being unbelievable excited and terrified all at the same time, its brilliant. I will be keeping this blog in the next month dedicated to my Aus and Thai travels rough out my stay, along with a lot of doodles, illustrations and water coloured paintings. What else?