Road trip: Melbourne to Sydney


11.o.clock start on our first day of our road trip! We picked up our camper van which could comftably fit me, Luke, and Stu. It was a bitter sweet start to the journey as I hadn’t really drove, bare in mind a camper van since I passed my driving test when I was 17! Within around 10 minutes I was on the motorway, shitting myself. But it was all good. Our first stop we planned was around 5 hours away at lakes entrance. I managed to route us through a national park, which was out the way but it was fantastic driving in the uneven road and wilderness, we even saw a kangaroo… it was dead in mind but still a sight. Sneakily Luke helped out with the driving too, as I realised after a couple of hours I started to develop headaches , so looks like I need driving glasses, poo. Once at Lakes Entrance we found a paid camper van site, bought dinner rented a film and watched it in bed, we all managed to fit on the bottom double bed so you can imagine it was very cost but very warm! (Only to watch the film though) we didn’t all sleep in the double bed, Stu had his only penthouse bed. Around the lake which was only walking distance away had black swans in it, they was gorgeous and had a very potent orange/red beak. They was surrounded by their gray babies. The cutest ever. The sunset was unreal. 


I started to really enjoy the freedom of campervan like, waking up and decided where to go and where to stop, it was thrilling, especially when you finally arrive at your last stop of the day. We had to check out of the camper van site at 10 so we all got ready and drove to the water front and had breakfast. It was then a long 250km up the A1, Princess Highway, going up one road for like over 2 hours is surreal, makes you realise how big Australia is! On the way to Eden we stopped through Cann River, it was a tiny faint little town and it’s main attraction was the river. It was so small it didn’t even have a cash point! We stopped off and had a light lunch and coffee. Once we had refilled and taken some pictures we head ed off again, just in time too as the flies really loved being in your personal space and I mean you would literally have at least 10 flies just sitting and flying around you. Pain in the bum. Back on the road we headed to Eden, the most southerly town in New South Wales, it was extremely pretty and still early in the day so we walked around the town and headed towards the Whale Musum, we had a nose in but it was shutting so didn’t see much which was a shame then we walked to the check view point which was absolutely stunning, it was a view point over looking the coastcliff and ocean. 

We arrived at our campsite which was right next to the Lake. This lake had more of the black swans and even some pelicans. Gorgeous view especially when it was the sun set, we had a nice chilled night , I wrote some of my blog and Luke and Stu played footy man…. for literally hours. Good thing I can keep myself entertained! 


Early start again this time we headed to Narooma, I loved Narooma, we got very close to the locals, the local lorikeets. I love them but they aren’t half cheeky, distant relatives of the parrot, the colours of their feathers is gorgeous. They are very confident and love attention off people. Stu threw bread in my hair which was a barrel of laughs as there was about 8 of them gripping there sharp little claws into my scalp, all good though. I really wanted to bring them into the camper van and drive off! They was adorable! I I really liked it here it was pleasant and the weather was just right, not too hot, not too humid. That night we had lots of rain, it was a nice change. 

Second to last day of our little trip and we headed towards the 3rd largest city in New South Wales, Wollongong. The town wasn’t much of sight to see, but then again I didn’t really have a good look around just drove through towards the caravan site which was along the coast and beach front. The beach was lovely, soft sand and rapid currents and waves. We only had a quick dip but after the drive from Narooma it was very refreshing and soothed my poor driving headache! 

Overall I had a brilliant time just being on the open road, and using the Princess Highway it literally is just miles and miles on one straight massive open road. Driving on motorways, through tiny rustic towns, along national parks and heritage sites, there is nothing better especially being back at a hostel you realise all the freedom you had, I do love what hostels have to offer but there’s nothing like your own space. 

Current day- 14/11/2016

It’s finally hit me that the holiday part of the visa is coming to an end, I’m not struggling for money or anything like that but with everyone getting jobs and working long hours I realise I don’t really enjoy spending it by myself, don’t get me wrong I love me time but when it’s your 4th day straight at the beach and job searching is slow, and quite bloody painful (computer endured headaches) it’s rubbish, I am hoping to find a little job soon to fill my time. All positive vibes through still an amazing experience living in Sydney and on bondi beaches doorstep.


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