Magnetic island, Cairns, & Melbourne


After leaving Airlie Beach very early we headed towards Townsville so we could catch a ferry over to Magnetic island onto Nelly Bay Harbour. We had a few hiccups in the morning but luckily we all managed to make the coach in the morning so we didn’t miss the ferry. Once we got onto the island we figured out the bus times and realised our hostel wasn’t too far away! Only a 3 minute bus ride! The weather was crazy hot, you could feel your back burning through your t shirt. It was definitely sit in the shade weather. We planned only to stay in magnetic island for one day and I wish we did stay longer as it was gorgeous. Our hostel was on the beach front, very pretty. That night we all settled down and watched a film, it was the first chill night in a long time and it was long over due. Everyone needed it. 


Back on the road again back to Townsville to catch our coach to Cairns, our final stop on our East Coach trip! The coach was a easy 5 hours, I think we have all managed to hack these coachs! Nearly 4 weeks later and 40 hours worth of coach rides we arrived in Cairns, it was around half 10 at night and it was only a 10 minute walk to our hostel Gilligans ,it is part hostel, part club/restaurant. Tad lively. We ended up going down for just a ‘couple’. 


Up nice and early today, we met up with George yesterday who was in our group at Fraser Island, so we ended up hiring a mini bus, him as our designated driver and drove to most of the water falls and some drop off points over looking lakes and the sunset. It was a brilliant day! To start off we drove to Josephine falls in the Wooroonooran national park. That was brilliant! Nearly had a scare though jumping off the rock edges into the water pool but it’s all good, didn’t try it again though. The water was very deep and it was difficult to just breath normally, very strange but so refreshing. 

Next along the table lands we arrived at Millaa Millaa falls, we all swam under the fall into the shelted rocks. It was honestly boss. Our aim was to swim at every  waterfall, however we couldn’t at Zillie falls, we managed to find a man made foot path through the forest, so we could get a better view of the descending water. I think the fear of snakes and spiders has faded now, walking through dense forest floors does not bother me anymore. Touch wood. On the way to Ellinjaa falls we stopped off at North Johnstoneriver lookout 1.7km down. It was beautiful.  Last on the cards was Heals Outlook, we went to watch the sunset then realised we was on the wrong side of the mountain road, well we tried and it was still a belter view.  26/11/2016

Much needed rest day is needed soon but we will be up for a good 20 hours as we have to be at the airport for 3 in the morning as we all decided to get a flight to Melbourne, and believe it or not but the flights 3 hours and 20 minutes long, mental. You forget how big Australia is! Our last day at Cairns we spent at the lagoon which was lovely, you can’t actual swim in the sea due to the salt water crocodiles which is poop. Later that night me and Luke then went to the pictures which was nice, little date night with Luke. 


From being in the 33 degree heat in Cairns to 16 and cloudy in Melbourne it was definitely a bit shock it went from bikini weather to jumper and jeans within a few hours. Lucky I brought a pair of jeans! We are staying at a base hostel in St Kilda which is very quirky and lovely it’s on the beach front by Lunar theme park. As it was Sunday there was also a stall market along the beach peer. After a few hours and checking into our room we all had a little nap and headed into the city. We walked to the national museum and library, both gorgeous buildings, next we headed to The exhibition statue which was so pretty the water fountain and all the lights just illuminated Carlton park with was opposite the building and it was full of possums. It was mental they was just running around everywhere! That night we stayed out an headed towards Fitzroy and went for a drink it didn’t half remind me of lark lane, very quirky and cool looking. On the walk back to the tram we walked passed St Patrick’s Cathedral, fantastic looking building.


Today we literally got a tram into town city centre, went to the entry that’s famous for pbeing completely full of graffiti? It’s brilliant when you look around and realise everything it literally covered from sourround buildings to the street bins, this was in Melbourne CBD. After that we walked to China town and obviously had Chinese food then went back to the hostel for mad mondays bingo, quality. However we didn’t win. 😦


Today was a chill day, we headed to the beach with George and enjoyed the only sun we might get on our visit to Melbourne, it was only a 5 minute walk from our hostel so we didn’t really have to do much walking, we then found out that penguins live on the pier of kilda next to the beach but mainly come out after sun set, so we waited till 9pm and headed to the pier and I had no thought that we would actually see one let alone 50 it was incredible and I found out they are called little penguins because they are tiny!! Cutest things ever. I even seen some babies, It was hard to get a good photo as we wasn’t allowed to use flash on the poor things but I managed to get some while they walked under the post lights, such a boss little experience ! 


Back to the city centre me Luke, Stu , and George headed to Southbank and went into Eureka tower and went to the top floor, 88 stories high, the views were incredible. We literally had a 360 view of the whole city. AAAND then we had another Chinese, blame george for that. We also went into happy travels and hired a camper van for the following day to get us to Sydney for Monday! Road trip!!! 


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