Checked in to Oz Sails at 8 in the morning to get ready for our Whitsundays tour! Two nights, three days sailing around the cluster of the Whitsundays 72 islands. It was brilliant the boat was a racing boat built in the 80s so it was very steady and heavy, 44 ton in total and 36 metres tall! It was a lovely little boat however there was 3 members of staff and 28 people so it was a tad cramped! 

We first set off to Hook island on route everyone had to get involved and listen to the sailing rules and regulations, they even got (forced) volunteers to help get the sails up and tighten the rope. It was all very technical. Once at Hook island we got our swimming stinger suits on and prepared to snorkel! The weather wasn’t too great but the visibility under the water was still pretty good! At first getting into open water is very nerve racking but I think once I was in it was brilliant! I didn’t want to swim I just layed on the water taking everything in, I didn’t want to miss a second of the coral city’s under me surrounded by dozens and dozens of fish. It was honestly brilliant. We all got reassured about the presence of sharks and that he highly doubted that we would see one. Didn’t really reassure anyone! After about 20 minutes floating around we all started to get picked up in groups of 10 as the bad weather moved in quick and made the water very choppy and visibility under the water was quite poor, after getting everyone on the main boat he then told us he has never put snorkelers  out in that condition, apparently we all done a great job though! I would like to say once we was dry on the boat we had dinner under shelter but in fact there was no shelter and it was raining, so everyone just waited around on deck, wet and a bit cold. (We wasn’t allowed to go below the deck wet) luckily it only rained for about 30 mins. Matty was our host on the boat, like our mum, he cleaned and cooked for everyone while also assisting Alex, who was one of the sailers. Once Matty brought out our dinner everyone started to lighten up, dinner was cheesy mash and chives, chicken and fresh veg. It was the best all of us have ate In a whole month! It was a early night as we all had to be up extra early the next morning ready to go and see whitsunday beach. While me and Luke was setting up our bed I head a massive slap, turn around and there’s just a squid sitting on the floor! It had literally jumped right in through our window on the cabin! I pooed myself, it was only little though so Alex through it back overboard. 

Oh forgot to say, all our scraps of food went over board, at first I thought nothing over it but you realised it turned the surrounding areas of the boat into a full feeding frenzy. Everyone saved all the chicken scraps till last for one reason only to get the sharks in. And it worked! It was only a little one but it still looked around 4 foot long. Scary! 


5:10 start for most people on the boat to see the sun rise at 5:17, as much as I should have got up to see it I couldn’t be bothered. I seen everyone’s pictures and it did look stunning, me and Luke finally got up at around 5:45 to have breakfast  and to get ready for our early arival at tongues bay. Once at the bay we had to walk up an unmarked foot bath to Bette beach, once we was here we had some pretty amazing views of whitsundays beach, like it was honestly brilliant and stunning. The swirls around the water and untouched beach was spectacular. The weather could have been better but can’t have it good always! We got back to the boat around half 10 in the morning and started sailing accros the Coral sea and over the Great Barriar Reef conservation area. Completely stunning I think I would have most definitely enjoyed the whole experience more if I wasn’t sea sick! Not good at all, going below deck made you feel 10x worse too! Luckily it didn’t take us long to get to our next snorkelling location which was Blue Pearl Bay. We got a little heads up from Alex about George. George is an Australian groper and weighed in at 400 kilograms and is 3 metres long and he was extremely friendly and didn’t mind the attention of all the snorkelers. I even got to give him a big stroke. He has been the king of the Great Barrier Reef for around 25 years. We then sailed for another hour to our next spot, it was here I got to see Nemo, however he was more emo, his skin was a lot darker than our first idea of a clown fish, instead of having white strips he had black. Still cute though, hiding in a huge piece of coral that had a small opening on the top. There was another fish similar to George at this location but her name was Lisa and she was just as welcoming and friendly managed to get a good cuddle of her. It was here that I truely felt that I was in another world. Being around thousands of fish and jelly fish and swimming through mountains of multicoloured corals is something I would most definitely do again. Once back on the boat we sailed to the back/south side of Hook island to rest and get ready for dinner. We had two extra guests on board today, Steve and his mrs , the boats seagulls. Steve has worked out if he stays with the boat he will get his three meals a day. Clever seagull.  That night I was once again stunned there’s is nothin better (once you have had an anti sickness tablet) looking at the sky, and listening to the soft waves and jumping fish around the boat.


Last day of our adventure on the Spank Me boat, and we headed out nice and early to Black Island. Breading ground for turtles, this was Alex’s favourite spot to snorkel and he told us to look out for the coral. It was here I managed to trick the fish to swim around me by dangling my fingers in and out of the water, it back fired as one little bugger was really quick and leaped out the water biting my poor finger. It wasn’t all bad as the fish were so close to my face and hands I managed to give lots of them a little stroke. While swimming with the current me and Luke noticed a off shape on the sea bed and it was a resting sting ray! It wasn’t too scary though only a little one the size of a diner plate. I did love all the other places we went snorkelling but there was something about this Reef, the sheer depth and beauty, and mass of openness, it didn’t half make you feel very insignificant, by far one of the wonders of the world. 


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