Fraser Island 


Started the day early at half 5, group meeting was at 6.30 in the morning and check out was 6am. Killer, we headed out I think at around half 7 from Torquay to drive and depart from Hervey Bay onto a barge, it was quite exciting! We traveled over the barges in 4x4s. Luckily it fitted 8 people so non of our group got spilt up, which was good. I have never been in a car driven off road so once we got to Fraser Island and got off road it was brilliant! Me and Luke were in the back on the car which felt like we might as well of just sat in the boot as the seats were lifted! At one point Luke forgot to put his seat belt on and went absolutely flying everywhere, luckily he’s fine so no one needs to worry! Before we got to our base camp we drove about 30 minutes to Lake Birrabeen, through the ancient rainforest, it was honestly breathtaking and full of awe. The lake was fresh water and it is completely lifeless, It was also full of natural oils from the tea tree plants. So it was brilliant for your skin. We had a little dip and then dried off on the clear sandy sorrounding beachs. It was truest a hidden paradise. It was just our tour group here which made it extra special. Apparently most tour buses don’t head up to that part of the island so it looks very untouched and peaceful! 

After that we drove for another 20 minutes to the eastern part of the island and ended up next to a walk clearing and stairs, our tour guide Tony told us to follow the path and we will find Lake Wabby, which has lots of fish in it, the kid that nibble at your feet. He left us to walk up, we realised why as it took us 35 minutes in total to find the lake. Walking through the subtropical rainforest was spectacular it’s depth and hidden wildlife is something I wont forget. Once we walked through the forest we walked into a open field which was just covered in untouched sand. It was amazing. We followed the vague foot prints from people before us and at the bottom of a huge sand dune was Lake Wabby. It wasn’t as pretty as other lakes as it’s green complection doesn’t look as pretty as a blue lake but it’s full of history and heritage, rich green waters full of wild life and having the chance to witness it was truley lovely to see. In 100 years time the lake will not be there no more due to the movement of the island and the high surrounding sand dunes around the lake. It will be swallowed up. I had a little swim but I’m a little poo bag when it comes to water I can’t see through especially water with fish and stuff in it, so after the quick swim I sat on the edge and let the fish nibble at my feet and legs. Everyone was doing the exact same it was strangely satisfying and tickly but the a bigger fish would eventually come over and it felt like a good chew so I couldn’t handle that! 

After the walk back to the cars we drove around 15 minutes up the beach to our camp site. It was surrounded by electric tenses as wild dingos are a problem especially when food is left out. However the fence did not stop snakes or spiders and we had a little spider scare on the second night. Luckily it was only a baby huntsman (they usually grow about the size of a dinner plate but this one was around the length of my finger.) I managed to get some good photos of it though! Everyone then went down to the beach to watch the moon rising, it came up around 8pm and was honestly brilliant, it was the brightest moon I have ever seen and I have never seen so many stars in the sky , It was just platsted with sparkling white dots everywhere. Completely beautiful!  I was gone so I went to bed early at 9 but most people stayed up till around 2! 


Today Tony got us up at half 7 to head down to Eli Creek on the way we stopped off at 75 Mile Beach, to see Maheno Shipwreck which has been half sunk onto the beach for 81 years. Very airy and interesting Tony gave us a little history lesson about the ship and it was the fastest cruise liner for 25 years before anything was built to go faster. It got sold to Japan when one of its engines blew and it wasn’t cost effective to fix it so they sold it to Japan who then crashed it by accident. Very interesting. We then got to Eli creek which was a rapid freshwater stream which traveled from the opening of the forest down to the beach. It was adorable you had to walk along the man made wooden walkwells to a set of stairs descending into the knees high stream. We all took the plunge and realised it was freezing! But once we was in it was colder out of the water so it was easier to just hold it out till the bottom and enjoy the view. Me Luke and ate ended up doing it twice. Once we got out of the water and back onto the beach we noticed everyone looking and circling the left part of the beach, turned out it was a lone wild dingo ! Just having a little stroll. As cute as they look they can be vicious and are known to pinch people’s children. Scary stuff.   Then we traveled up to Cathedral Beach and walked up a tiny hill to find the champagne pools, which is meant to be like being in a spa in a jacuzzi pool. However it wasn’t so much like a spa but like a cold pond of the ocean. Still nice though!  We then walked up to Indian head which is the most easterly point of the island which provided us with a 360 view of the beaches and rain forest.     This was the last thing we had scheduled that day so as tony said ‘it’s drinking time’. It took us around 40 minutes to get back to camp in the cars. Which wasn’t too bad. That night we had another stroll on the beach and there’s something special aboutstanding on a beach that’s 75 miles long with nothing either side of you just beaches. Literally that’s all you can see, no other people, no cars, no street lamps just beaches and the edge of the rain forest. We noticed lots of little holes along the beach and it turned out it was tiny crabs and once we noticed them, we seen crabs everywhere however they was scratchy little buggers if one walked past you and got too close it would give you a little pinch.  


Last day at Fraser, very sad had a wonderful time and experience it’s exactly how I imagined what Australia would be like. The whole group we was put wit was a lot of fun as well full of all different characters and cultures. I think the most memorial people was the South Americans, the latinas were very crazy ladies. The last place to see was Lake McKenzie, that was lovely however the sun was hiding and once you got out of the water you was bloody freezing! Still gorgeous place to see and visit and it topped up the whole trip perfectly. 


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