Brisbane, Noosa 

Brisbane was what you expect a few developed city to be like, not in a bad way but it had nothing on Sydney and didn’t offer much activities, however we did walk around and through the Boltanic gardens and along the water front which was lovely. It sort of reminded me of places like Manchester. It had all the Christmas lights up and lots of shops but it just didn’t have the vibe I loved, can’t beat Byron, famous place so far on the trip! 

The building we was staying at looked very 1850s, reminded me a lot like New Orleans. It had all the original wooden beams through the stair case and had a old fashioned lift. The ones you have to open and close the mental doors and you can see people walking up the stairs as you go up. However it was very temperamental. 


Loved today, got up nice and early to catch the 8:37 train to Beerwah to then get a free bus to Steve Irwins zoo, ‘Australias Zoo’ it was really nice! Watched a bird and crocodile show at 12 and then saw a tiger show at 2.30 it was crazy. Especially when you see what the tigers can do! We then walked through the Red kangaroo area. It was brilliant you was able to stoke and feed them. I couldn’t believe how friendly they was. After we left it took us on a path to see the koalas. However every single one of them was asleep, in all mad positions, it was brilliant. I had a little stroke of one of the Ines of a lower tree, it felt like a old rug, but it was adorable! I could have taken all of them home. We ended up going to another kangaroo enclosure (because I couldn’t help myself and had to stroke another one) got a good photo of me and Luke next to a very chilled one as well! All the animals were lovely, got to see a tiger cub and leopard out on a walk, very strange seeing them walk around on a lead! It was the train on the way back that was a killer, it took around two hours. Jeff proper needed a wee as well, which entertained everyone for about 25 mins!  


Yesterday we all arrived in Noosa by coach, it was a bit of a stressful coach journey as our accommodation plan sort of fell through so we (I say we but I didn’t really help at all as I didn’t have any data left on my phone) to sort out new accommodation for that night, after about 30 minutes of Connor making phone calls we found one that even picked us up from the bus station. Result. It’s beautiful, the whole place is very chilled and we are within walking distance of Pelican beach, and the water front. And when I say walking distance I mean it’s literally end the end of our street! As soon as we checked in and got settled in it was the daily commute to finding a Aldi, which was only a 15 min walk away, not too bad. In the evening we spent our time at a little restaurant and bar which was only next door to our hostel. 

Today we had a walk around the local shopping area and the water front. And in about an hour we are going kayaking! Can’t bloody wait! 


Yesterday all of us went kayaking up the water front and onto a little sand island just off the coast of Noosa, it was brilliant. We left Pelican beach around half 3. (There was in facts lots of pelicans, it was fantastic) However It wasn’t half hard work, killed my poor arms and fingers but got to see a pair of Eagles and a sting ray. It last around 3 hours and on the way back we got to see the sun setting which was gorgeous, the sky was a mixture of light blues and pinks. Luckily our tour guide took a so many pictures which she will be sending to us in the next couple of days, can’t wait to see them. At one point she made us all stand in a line and jump it was very cheesy but we all put the effort in, especially because she was a lovely woman and brought us loads of snacks. One we got back into the beach, we walked to woolies to get some drinks and food for the BBQ, we used the BBQ tables available on the beach front which was boss.    And we sat under the super moon. 

I am now currently on a gray hound coach on the way to Hervey Bay off Fraser Coast! 


Today I emailed Vince Frost Studios to see if I could get a tour or even a placement *touch wood* when I’m back at Sydney, and guess what! Frost has requested I add him to his linkdn account which of course I did and they emailed back just asking if I had a portfolio I could Send them, since I am here, in Aus, I don’t have anything physical of my work, so I had to send them to my blog, which basically has a digital portfolio on my home page. Even if nothing comes out of it at least I have been in touch and maybe still get to see the studios! 



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