Bangkok and Aus

24th October

After 18 hours worth of flights to cologne then to Bangkok, me and Luke were finished. We arrived in Bangkok at around 8 in the morning so once we got to our hotel Playhaus Thonglor, which was based off Sukhumuit road and was stunning it was theatre themed and each floor had a different theme, we got upgraded to the Four Reigns, which was about a woman called Phloi. It was extremely interesting and well decorated. After a little cat rest we got a Tuk Tuk to Khao San road, which is like backpackers central. It’s full of food stalls, shops and bars, oh and lady Boys. While we was at a bar called lucky beer, we got offered to eat some cooked scorpions, only me and willo tried it, never again. Worst after taste ever. The whole night was a laugh and we ended up getting a Tuk Tuk back home. We might of got the train to Nana first before Khao San road but all the days there seem to have slipped into one. Lucky I took notes and kept receipts! At Nana we had a little nose around some of the stalls and markets but it wasn’t all that. I know for sure on the 26th we traveled to Pom Prat Sattru Phai & Wat Pho to see The Temple of the Reclining Buddha, it’s one of the most famous Buddhas because of its size and that is it covered in goldleaf. It was brilliant. To go into the temple I had to take my shoes off and wear a robe (apparently shorts and vest isn’t temple attire) to get in. It was very spiritual and especially because at one point we was surrounded by monks. Most of them was paying tribute to the late king. The whole country are in mourning and will be until next year. 

The smells is something I must point out, it was everywhere. So many smells at every street corner. Some you like and some you didn’t. Each stall cooked different kinds of food and had all kinds on display, hanging raw meats, hanging cooked meats, fish, bugs, bloody all kinds! It was and is the complete opposite of the environment, culture, and atmosphere I am used too, boss but very strange! 


October is the last month of ‘rain season’ and when it rained it poured… and also had a thunder and lighting storm too. It was the most lightning I have ever seen yet no one seemed dazed by it at all. In the end I had to buy a poncho for 200 Baht, which is probably like £5 . Later on in the day we went onto a boat cruise and paid for a private boat, that was really nice we went past places including Khlong chak Phra and went up Charl Phra canal which followed into Mon canal. While on the boat we was approached by two other boats which had to elderly ladies on, they was trying to sell snacks and drinks. They was absolutely delightful and we managed to get some brilliant pictures! After we got off the boat we walked through a tiny stall market just outside of Phra Borom Maha Ratchawang. Then we caught the train to Bang Wa were we went to a night time flee market. Which was a lot better than Nana. 


Back to the night flee market and a visit to a tourity /paid activity shop, ended up booking a day for the 29th (the next day) to see Don rak war cemetery, The death railway, The Jeath war museum, River Kwai, Elephant camp, and  Sao you noi waterfall. So it was a big trip for Saturday! 


Trip day, it was a long two hour drive to the first part of the trip which was the Don Rak War Museum, it was very airy, and cold, even in sweltering humidity! It was full of all different nationalities including the British many died as hostages building the Death railway. All the names were logged into a huge journal which was possible to read for the public. Very emotional. Back on the bus we drove about 10 minutes down the road to Jeath War Museum, it was huge, it was split utto 3 separate buildings, all correctly decorated to the theme of the museum. Here we got to look more into depth of the history behind the Death railway. All built by the remembered/honoured captives of the japs. We then walked to river Kwai next to the Khwae Yai. You can stay on the bridge while the train is passing across. A short walk later back to the bus we went water rafting at the elephant sanctuary. While we was here we fed the elephant some bananas. I still felt a lot of guilt on the poor elephants. On a lighter note the water rafting was brilliant, it didn’t last long though, the rain started again and it was really heavy so we had to get pulled back by a speed boat. Next on the activity list was the trip to Sao You Noi Waterfall. It was brilliant. Standing under the ascending water was something else, water was a bit brown but the locals seemed to love it. Our tour guide got videos and photos of us walking up and jumping into the stream below, it was amazing. The last place on the list was a trip on a train that ran on the Death railway track and across the bridge at Lum Sum. Spectacular views, incredible day! 

31/10/16.  Flight to Kuala Lumpur 

1/11/16. Flights to Sydney (kingsferd smith) 

Once we got out of Sydney airport  we decided to treat our selves and get a taxi to the hostel, Lord Wosley which was close to darling harbour. It was in a cute little area and the room wasn’t too bad! The only down fall was that there was no oven or hobs, microwave meals it is. After settling in and leaving our bags we walked to Hyde park, it took about 25 minutes then we got the 333 bus to meet the rest of the group who were staying next to bondi beach at Noah’s backpackers. We headed to the famous bondi beach but since it’s only the start of November it was warm but not ‘let’s go for a swim’ warm! Maybe in a couple of days.


This morning we spent a couple of hours at bondi beach again then traveled to bondi junction and jumped the train to town hall station. In the centre the town hall at a gorgeous people tree in its front it was beautiful! Then we headed up north to see the harbour and the opera house. It was stunning and the weather was perfect. The best place to take pics was Sydney CBD and the rocks! I also went to the commonwealth bank bank today and set up an account which put my mind at ease. 


Me and Luke had a lovely afternoon stroll along darling harbour, while walking along the water edge we noticed a jelly fish, then another and all of sudden there was literally hundreds of jelly fish. Monsterous. After that ancounter we walked over Pyrmint bridge, it was gave a clear view over Cockle Bay. That night we ended up staying for a few drinks at the boys hostel at bondi, I think we all had a bit too much and I ended up walking into a lamppost on the way to the beach. Full force!  


On route to the town center me and Luke went into the city market which was a huge indoor market site. After that we nosed around Woollahra and then headed back to CBD harbour, the difference being at the harbour at night compared to the day was mental, the skyline just jumped out at you! And the Opera House is literally stunning when it’s lit up. On the walk back to our hostel we went through China town the atmosphere was nice but it didnt compare to the China town in Liverpool, apparence wise. 

5/11/16 Beach day at bondi 


We booked a east cost trip up to cains using greyhound coach and services we have a night bus booked for yesterday night to get us to Byron bay which I was super excited for however due to bush fires we had to rearrange the bus to the next night. I can’t wait to get out of the big city, and go into a cute litttle beach town! Earlier that day we walked around the royal botanic garden. It was a bigger Sefton park, but it was slightly better, it was full of statues and water fountains and a huge public library that was very pleasing on the eyes. The park was gorgeous and a deadly sun trap!



Slow day at x base, since our night bus was cancelled last night we had to take whatever accommodation we could find. I ended up being in a girls only dorm. No one said Hi when I walked in, I was fuming. However the girls rooms had extra privileges like free hair dryers, which was boss!  However we paid $6 for a breakfast and it wasn’t even continental. Joke. 


My birthday! Spent the first half of it on a 13 hour night bus to Bryson Bay. It was good tho, me Luke, willow and Stu had front row seats is the view was good! But we got to see all the fallen bugs along the drive on the window screen, lovely. Got to open some presents off Luke on the bus which was perfect. The boys got me some little bits for my birthday too which was lovely.

Once we got to Byron Bay we realised how small Bryon was, everything is so local, very cute and chilled, very small town America. After we dropped our bags off at Nomads, we went to the beach. It was just what I needed to see after that 13 hour coach ride. Once back at the hostel we took a quick trip to a Aldi and went back and got on the goon, and had a very chilled afternoon/evening. 


Today we walked up to Cape Byron Bay lighthouse, we took the longer route and went past the Pass and Wategos beach, and reached the most easterly point of Australias mainland, breathtaking views the whole walk up the light house road was lovely! Got some quality pictures. That night we had a lightning and thunder storm, sure I mentioned that one or two happened in bangkok, well this definitely topped them all, never seen colours like it. Lightning was mental. Tonight we all had a shared dorm together which actually wasn’t that bad! Me and Luke just made a little den on our bottom bunk. 


Beach day at Byron! One thing I do love here is the beachs. It’s only a 5 minute walk from our hostel and the sands are soft and yellow and the water is crystal clear, you can see the fish the size of your hands swimming around. The waves are mad too, if you’re not careful they will literally knock you out! 


Today I checked out of Nomads and I am currently on the coach to Brisbane, it takes 4 hours but I don’t mind it has given me a chance to write this. I feel like I havnt had a proper chance to sit down and write! I have only drew twice this whole trip, don’t know what’s wrong with me! Gutted to be leaving Byron but excited to for the next couple of weeks of traveling ahead! 


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