Aus Prep

Lately I have not been really organised, in a sense that in one month I wont be living in England anymore. Well I’m doing the whole backpack traveller’s thing,  have my working visa for Australia and while I m there I am going to save money so on my way back to the UK (After my yearly fill of down under) me and Luke can then travel through Thailand and Vietnam. I am super excited. I have just bought my backpack and a new diary planner which all important dates and of cause birthdays. God forbid someone never got a text or a Facebook happy birthday. I would get crucified! Anyhow. I am nearly done with all the essential’s. Its coming far to fast, I’m torn between being unbelievable excited and terrified all at the same time, its brilliant. I will be keeping this blog in the next month dedicated to my Aus and Thai travels rough out my stay, along with a lot of doodles, illustrations and water coloured paintings. What else?


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