Sloe Gallery | PAPER & a-space Exhibition


Yesterday I attended a number of exhibitions, that luckily were all clustered together in a wonderful space. Some exhibitions fell under different gallery spaces, including PAPER, a-space, and Sloe Gallery.

I first looked at an exhibition called Into the Deep Woods. The artist included Adam Batchelor, Kaspar Bucher, David Hanock, and much more! The theme was in collaboration with a-space and PAPER. The objective was to grasp inspiration and different interpretation of the forest at the unconscious. Looking at psychological space, narrative construct, and what signifies the creative imagination at the realm and soul of the forest. The illustrations and pieces of work created by these 10 artists and a poet all had depth and meaning and you could see the passion that had been used to create them. Was such a lovely view and read.

I then moved along to PS Mirabel Presents, The Process Residency 2016: by Stephen Murphy. I was really intrigued by the colours and layout of this room, it was exhibited really well and beautifully displayed. It was such a different mixture of mediums, styles and formats. Large format. Small sketchbook format. You name it! It was very geographically and basically a collage of multiple places around England and abroad including Portugal, Paris and Amsterdam. Really gorgeous pieces.

I then moved down to the basement, this is what I was really aiming to see! I had come here with a friend whose friend was in the Collected Exhibition at the Sloe Gallery, Amy Mizrahi. I had not really seen much of Amy’s work but I had heard of its deliberating nature and self-perception. I arrived with little knowledge and left feeling much a part of her artwork. Some of the illustrations didn’t make sense until you heard the stories behind them and it just made this lifeline scene of events that she had experienced. It was really brilliant and something else. She engaged me as a viewer and fellow illustrator into her own personal thoughts through her work. Here is her website if you want a nosey!

Next, I looked at Hannah Michell Bayley, I absolutely loved her work, the colours, the gouache. I now want to buy that paint and do it myself. Her work was beautiful painted and illustrated. Her work embarked on the discourse of mental health and illustrated her own experiences of mental health. Take a look for yourself!

David Hammond work was beautiful displayed, it impacted the show differently to everyone’s work as it included sculptures capturing architecture and prints from around the city of Manchester.

Robin Sukaton work was something that related to me purely because of the technique of the way he draws, a lot of detail and lines, it’s absolutely lovely. He aims more towards the characterise of people’s faces and body language. You can see the diversity and mystery of each of his illustrations.

Eade Hemingway displayed physical documentation of materials and processes. It was extremely interesting and reading up of her bio she links and sees her work similar to a portrait photographer, which completely made sense spending time the subject, as she gets to know all her materials. Really beautiful pieces.

Overall I had a wonderful evening packed with gabbing, social networking and a lot of business card picking upping!! I had a little Manchester collection now! Wonderful.

Will definitely be coming back looking at upcoming events and exhibitions.



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