Very neglecful

I feel like a bad mother, I have not updated my site in over a month! I’m terrible. And it is not even due to the fact that its summer time and I’m busy working, it’s because  I’m not in uni. I loved the creative energy that I felt when I was in there and being surrounded by creatives didn’t half make you just want to do stuff. I don’t get the same kind of vibe sitting in my bedroom by myself. I have come to the conclusion that I have to consciously look for inspirations, either reading and dare I say it, places online like Pinterest. I have also felt a big load of guilt by not even drawing or water colouring, which are things that I love doing, I have neglected by creative self and hobbies. Well, that is going to change. Today, I have decided to give myself a new project. I am hoping it lasts a couple of months and I can get in finished in time for Australia, as I am moving there in October for a year! Inspirations, illustrations, and images which be uploaded pretty soon. Here’s something that I did this hour to keep me sane. The theme, of course, it’s bears!


Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 14.44.04.png


2 thoughts on “Very neglecful

  1. A nice analogy you have re your blog … a mother neglecting her child !! feel that way sometimes too.
    Your bear is cool … and very sleepy. great job in depicting this. .

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