Honours Exhibition Day!

So yesterday went so quickly! I got into uni before 12 and ended up staying right up until 8.  I ended up helping most people putting up their vinyl which is quite time-consuming. I think one of the issues we had with the vinyl and the sticky tape used to put up the huge vinyl is that it’s apparently cheap according to Sean. Who is in charge of the laser cutter. I also found my spare off-print of the vinyl, this was very useful as I put it on my existing design on the wall to make it look more confusing and chaotic. I added the extra bits around the edges, giving the effect that everything is splitting off and not making any sense. It seemed to do the trick and looked brilliant. I wanted it to start traveling behind my hanging A1 prints. I think this gave my exhibition wall more depth and detail.

Today I have organised my window display, putting my Bear books in the BearPress branding, and printing off a sheet of paper with my pricing of all my items which I will be selling at the show. I have also been told that I should find out the pricing of my autism books if they were a soft cover. As some people have said they might be interested in my book, through looking at my Twitter and Instagram newsfeed. Very exciting!!

I will now just be helping out again with the rest of the show and putting up the vinyl of peoples work who are not yet in naughty buggers. I have just printed a pricing list and will be putting it in my exhibition area.


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