Exhibition so far

Today I finished off my belly bands for the notepads which I am going to sell on the night of the exhibition. So far I am really, really happy. Today I have basically just been tidying up and helping Grapheme and Beth put up their vinyl on the window and on the wooden panels. I have practically finished all my work the set up is generally done. I am thinking that I will sell my notepads for £3-£4 and my notepads for about £6-£8 just get break-even with the money I have spent on the exhibition. The space that all the B.A’s are working with nice seems to all fit nicely together. Starts with Sean’s bright colours to Jennies full black vinyl and then moves to fates bright summer pinks and other varied colours. One side of the room seems to be full of bright colours then it moves to Beth’s area and the black vinyl takes place then her colour banner is next to my area which is too mixed with colour and black vinyl. Lots of contrast. I am most happy with my A1 banners which was hanging underneath each other from the ceiling. I put the designs smaller than the black copper board which gives a lovely but dramatic finish and completely ‘makes’ my area. I will be taking more photos even closer to the night and putting them into my physical and digital portfolio. Happy days.


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