All About Ben up.

I had a little bit of help with my All About ben vinyl, I knew that it would be more complicated putting vinyl on the window with my past experience at last year’s exhibition. It collects air bubbles which don’t like to budge. I then measured up the window and placed my cut out vinyl in the centre of it. I then had me and Beth use both our eyes and tape measure to judge the angle of the vinyl. I think we did a really good job and it went up well we had to repeal the ‘e’ and ‘B’ to get out some major noticeable bump issues. They worked and everything now looks amazing. I’m very happy. I then replaced all my notepads and postcards and set them out nicely on my window ledge. Its all starting to come together now. I am going to get Sean to print out more vinyl just to go around my existing piece on the wall, I wanted to really play around with the meaning of the illustration, I will achieve this by making it more confusing and detailed and everywhere! That will play on the idea of Ben having an unfiltered mind.

Here are some angles and photos I took with my Nikon camera. I think the quality compared to my phone is definitely noticeable. Everything seems more colourful and brighter and it really captures the feeling of the project and what it represents. Overall I still need to finish off a few bits and get tidying up but I’m really chuffed. Pleased with everything I have gotten done today.



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