A1 banners done!

I have used black A1 capper board for my A2 prints, which I think it will compliment my vinyl on the wall. I usually use white capper but Im taking a gamble and printing my pages A2 so they have a even black boarder around them. I think it will look elegant and will be dramatically different and less complicated next to the vinyl. I have used spray mount to board my designs on to the capper board. Its worked really well. I just need to start tidying up the B.A room and my area and then get some of my banners hanging. I had some minor issues with my vinyl which was being printed by Sean. It will come out perfectly but as we was taking off the vinyl will didn’t need off the strip, Sean managed to rip a bit of the letter ‘N’. So I will need to reprint that letter at some point today. I want to have all my letters for the Wall vinyl as I will just make a mess of it, if something is missing.

Update: the black capper board looks boss. Very very happy with it. I have uploaded a little video, which I sent to Vimeo of my ‘All About Ben’ typography being printed on the laser cutter machine.


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