Today’s setup

Today I firstly worked on my belly bands for the post cards and notebooks. I used thick cartridge paper, usually used in sketchbooks as I wanted the rough like texture, more dense than photocopier paper. This looked lovely when it’s used in the printer, the ink looks lovely and absorbs brilliantly. I only managed to wrap 18 of the books as I ran out of double sided tape but I will continuing this on Monday! I think overall they looked brilliant. Smart, professional and sellable. Pocket size and pretty. I used the same colours on my notebooks as to my actual autism books to keep the continuity and colour theme that I have used in all of my hours project. I think it will demonstrate well in my exhibition space when everything is set up.

Next on my list was to finish putting up my vinyl and sticking my banner onto the hanging board frames. I’m not a huge fan of the boards. They have a a number of issues including the bumps, the rough edges and they have been bent during the delivery which is a shame. It saddens me to see the dints the board hold as they come through the paper onto my design banner. If I had another chance I would definitely not use them boards again. I also got dirt on my banner trying to push out the bubbles and dints out, I was mortified and nearly had a melt down but I got a pen knife and literally scratched off the dirt. And believe it or not it worked. I used the big A1 printer to print my banner. The colour quality in the printer is brilliant . I think that the bright colours on the banner will compliment the black and white silhouettes of the vinyl. The vinyl took me around 8 hours I think all in all getting it just onto the wall. It was very time consuming but I thinks this medium was my best option for me. It’s simple, clear and bold, having the plain black vinyl helps represent the disorganisation of the type on the illustration. I’m really happy I decided to use vinyl for certain parts of my exhibition. However I would definitely use a illustration less detailed as it was very time consuming. One thing I wanted to get done today, which I couldn’t was to print out my typography to place onto my window in the show, but Sean took him computer home which connects to the vinyl printer, so I’m behind on that task, I’ll have to get that sorted tomorrow morning. I placed my books on their stands and cleared my area just to get a better idea of the environment I am working with. I think at the moment, with a week till the show I am very happy with my progress. Hopefully everything will be fully complete by Monday and I can relax and enjoy my last week at university. I won’t half miss it. 


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