Today has been quite alright, especially as its a deadline. I have put my big vinyl illustration through the vinyl cutter printer which has taken absolutely ages but my design is huge so i’m not complaining, I have also edited my portfolio images for honours which I’m happy about. I might edit my other images and get everything sorted to print on monday or either today if I rush. I think nearly all my sketchbooks are done and I have finished my research. I just found out my concept and sketch book got delivered as soon as I left the house… typical!! But I have printed a mock up for Shirley so at least she knows I have done it. My notebooks are due to be delivered today as well. I have all my designs of them in my sketchbook and I have completed my portfolio page on my blog, I am also going to publish it onto blurb as well, so I have it on multiply viewing platforms. I will then post my portfolio page on to my social media accounts including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. Photographs will obviously be getting posted onto Instagram too! I have all my links and accounts in my About Page, so viewer will be able to browse all my omnichannels. The Mac accounts in university won’t let me take print screens anymore so I had to take photographs on my phone. The pictures are of me editing my images that have been taken of my autism books. I done minor changes, just using the adjustments and the auto colour tool. I did play around with the background to make it more white and clear. All my images seem to look really nice, the newly edited ones. I have posted some of them onto my portfolio page.

Update: The vinyl has finished cutting, it only took around 4 hours! It will be worth it in the end!


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