weekly update

I have been a bit stuck for time this week, over the weekend I traveled down to Greater London which was lovely and the weather was fantastic. I had completed most of my given tasks last week so I could enjoy the weekend stress-free. I got my postcards in the post today which is good and I am currently waiting on my black and white soft book which purely has all my illustrations throughout this project. I think that is for me. just the basic untouched illustrations, the bad and the good. I am extremely happy with my postcards. Perfect colours, simple, and well packaged. Which I knew they would be, coming from Moo. I don’t think I would use anything else now. Moo is brilliant. I had 10 different designs put through so you can mix and match my postcards, my main idea is to divide the postcards into packs of 10 and create a packaging myself either with a strip band around the ‘belly’ of the cards or some sort of tissue paper which will have on my branding on it which is Bear Press. I am currently about to order some packs of notepads which my designs on, which I think will be a nice touch to the show. I think by doing this I am building up my merchandise without being too daft. I don’t want to buy anything willy nilly. Or just for the sake of it. I want my exhibition space to stand out but not be cluttered. I really want to create a really nice pleasing for the eyes exhibit. Tomorrow I will be taking my Nikon camera in to take some professional photographs of my new books and postcards. I am doing this so they can be used in my physical and digital portfolios. Also on my website online. I have kept up with social media by posting photos on Instagram and sharing the photos on facebook and twitter. This is then being publicized on multiple platforms and channels to different groups of individuals. So hopefully it starts to get me some publicity.

Write up:

Professional images, portfolio pages to start getting printed, packaging for postcards, and finally a little blog post about how I got on, hopefully, I’ll get most of it sorted tomorrow.


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