Daily post

I think at the minute I am ahead of schedule for the honours project. Today I am going to focus on my sketchbooks which don’t need much attention, just little bits here and there. I am also going to try and fill in the gaps, look for research which I could have missed and what could lose me marks on. I have sent off my books and made them available to sell, I also set up my brand and published it on Issuu, next on the list is just putting everything together. Making it professional and trustworthy. I like to think that after university I will carry this on and push myself to make a career out of being a illustrator and publisher. I have started to draw more often than lately, I don’t know whether it is because it’s therapeutic (as everyone knows I’m a stress head) or because I want build a collection of illustrations and animals. Either way I’m going through sketchbooks like crazy.

Its a chilled music day in uni, pens at the ready.


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