Long day

Everything seemed great today, got lots done, sketch books are looking A-okay, and Shirley come and sat with me at the end of the day and just looked over everything and gave me the go ahead. Well, I have had a more stressful afternoon in all my life the measurements were wrong for the book so everything has to be adjusted which is very annoying as you have to sort out with illustration and text box individually. Frustrating… Then I had a few times that I thought it was going to work and just never. So I blooming left. I also feel not very good. I don’t know whether it is because I am under the weather or I just need to have a break from uni work. Its all I seem to think about lately. Oh, and by the way, the books are still NOT UPLOADED onto blurb or Pechoo. Full on meltdown alert is going to happen soon.



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