Daily update

Today I basically tired up lose ends and finished off (I think) my branding book for Bear Press. I would be so happy if it was finished, I got Andy to proof read over it to check for spellings. This was helpful as I then could sort a few things out. I also added proper guides and margins and put 3 columns in place on all my pages. I wanted to add balance and continuity, which I think I have successful achieved. I have done this by making sure my copy boxes are either centre aligned on the first or last column which you can see clearly across the pages. Next I went through the adult aimed autism book and corrected all the spelling mistakes which Adam and Andy told me to change, I have followed all the advice given on the pages. Last thing I need to do is complete some extra stuff I put in my sketchbooks today, bit of writing then hopefully let Shirley have a read of them and see what she thinks and if they are print ready. Which I think they are, or will definitely be tomorrow! Quite happy with my work pace at the moment it will be a relief of my shoulders if I got them sent off tomorrow! 


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