Done in

Since the hand in was Friday for sending off books and stuff, I have been in over drive! I made a quick start with my branding guideline which I need to tweek, by adding proper grids and a system and making the whole book have continuity, which is basically representing my brand anyway. I want it to be clear and clean which I think I am starting to grasp. I also gave my books to Andy and Paxman to read and what made me laugh was that Andy was giving me tips and changing words and Paxman was just writing next to them that they didn’t work or fit, it was a funny read. Anyways, I have followed the grammar errors for my book about Ben and completely changed everything that needed it! So practically that book is done now, all I need to do is the adult book, once I take out the grammar and spelling issues I can reword my back cover as Paxman suggested it come across as arrogant, and I am not trying to go down that road, I want my book to make people feel connected and less vulnerable, not feel stupid. So that will be getting changed. Tonight I worked on the books and then spent the rest of the evening just sticking some left over papers and stuff into my research and concept sketchbooks, so they are currently up to date. Which I am very happy about. I just need to send my books off preferable in the next 3 days so they gives me enough time to plan the rest of my exhibition. 


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