Change of direction

I have looked over my pages for the Ben book and sort of changed in style, the illustrations look the same I think the colour was the issue and the gradient and well the backgrounds. I think I was trying too hard. So I stripped it back, took about the colour and the background and left it on the single illustrations that took up the page. And let me tell you, it looks a lot cleaner and I think it is more fitted to what Ben would be interested in. Since looking over other books about autism and Asperger’s I have realised that are all quite plain and often animals are used to describe the emotions. That is something I looked over in my personal project, why are animals used instead of images of people. From my view, I think a child feels more relatable (believe it or not) to an animal as if it was a picture of a person, they can find faults, or if the image is a boy and the reader is a girl she wouldn’t relate to that character. This was just for me to think about. There is a woman called Kathy Hoopman who has done this brilliantly. I have read her books and I also watched some youtube videos of children with autism and Asperger’s reading the books too and it is easy, well written, simple and she uses the likes of dogs and cats to express the difference in behaviour and attitude. It’s quite lovely actually how she does it. She takes good and bad points of the syndrome, which I like to both of my books as I point out both the good sides and bad sides. Her website could be a little updated but that being said, it tells you everything she is trying to achieve. Good title names too, as you would believe cats would have Asperger’s and dogs having ADHD. Brilliant.

Oh also yesterday my book was bought again, and by the way, I have sold another 8 copies and got a list of around another 8 more who want them. So the sales are in. Here are a few snaps of a happy customer, with his book and bear sticker! Screen Shot 2016-04-13 at 08.48.27


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