Yesterday and today I managed to come into uni to get some extra work done, I will also be going in on Friday, as I need as much access to the printers as possible! Trying to print research and talk about my work process in my sketchbook is one of my favourite parts, I love evaluating everything I have gotten done. I managed to complete another 6 (DPS) today which I am happy about that takes me to around 42/43 in my adult aimed autism book. My aim is to get everything on with around 50 pages then ill focus everything on my illustratored book about Ben, I strangely struggled with that which I wouldn’t have imagined too. Once I have finished both books I will then start my brand guidelines for my Bear Press brand which will be one of the names behind all my books, I want to create a chain that all my books will fit in. My doing this I will be giving structure and professionalism to my brand. Making it solid and worth investing in. I will put my guideline books onto Issuu but hopefully get it printed for the end of year show which will be a really nice touch.  



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