Busy bee

I feel like I havnt stopped in day, but it’s a good feeling I’m currently writing this post on my bus to work, ah multitasking. Yesterday was nice, I went to waterstones to nose at there collection of books aimed around Autism and Asperger’s. They actually had loads and I had a good read of some of them, I took lots of pictures especially of useful pages that linked towards my books. I was looking towards the more picture like book, they are usually more aimed at families members and the child/adult with autism, the text is usually more informal and friendly. It makes you feel that you and the author have things in common as they use humour and slang. Jennie was looking at a few books about David Bowie, they all looked lovely, however didn’t get a chance to read. While I was here, I was basically looking at the layouts of the books, the pricers, hard and soft cover and what got my attention. And yes it was the more informal books with less words and more pictures. This works well for me and it works well for certain people with autism as they can take in formation better if its visual rather than text. Which works well which my illustration book about Ben. I will be using a similar method full page of illustration followed by the text explaining what’s happening. Later that day I started some possible commissioned work, however they want to think about it for a couple of weeks. They have asked for a fine liner illustration of the bombed out church, for the detail and price I probably should ask for more money but I was just really happy that I am getting attention and people are taking notice of my website.  I will post my stages of my bombed out church illustration later . 



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