Stuff done.

Today I managed to complete another 8 pages (4 PDF’s) that are being used in my book for parents or carers (or family members) I am quite happy with my progress, I have completed around 25 pages which for 2 days I think is quite a lot, I want to carry on this quickness but without losing any quality. I have started to now play around with backgrounds and layouts which you can definitely notice as the pages go on. I changed my colour which was the blue which I took from the book about Ben to the pink. I found that on the whole the blue looked very corporal and business like. This is definitely not what I was going for the peachy pink differently brings it down a level and makes it more approaching and readable. The blue seemed to be very cold, I wanted a colour which represented the fun and warm side of autism.

I have taken print screens of my current workings. I is still being created on InDesign as If I do want to get it printed with blurb I can easily transfer it to the Blurb plug-in which I already have installed onto my Macbook. I have tried to play around with my pages by creating simple block illustrations that are not too detailed but obvious to what I am talking about. I created the illustrations on Illustrator as I found that to be the most appropriate program to use as it does save the illustrations as vectors which can then be manipulated to any size. White space is a huge part of the book. I wanted it to create time to reflect on the pages and what they are trying to get across.

I also finished another page into my sketchbook, this just followed through with my designs on the computer and I experimented into how the pages could look. I done this so I could literally get every design down the page and really pull it back until it is its simplest form.



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