Monday, no Tuesday!

I keep on forgetting I lost a day yesterday because of the Bank holiday! Absolutely messed up my schedule. I got a little bit of work done over the weekend however I do feel a bit guilty as I definitely could have gotten more done. Oh well, I have gotten lots down today which has made me feel a lot better I managed to complete 10 DPS on indesign for my booklet which will be aimed at adults and family members of children with autism. It has little sums of what autism is, the history, origin, a little statement by my brother Ben, and now I just need to complete what the humour side of it. Making a connection with the reader. I have found some inspiration on Behance which I think is really nice I have done print outs which I will be putting in my sketchbook. I have taken print screens of how I set up my indesign document booklet, this includes the measurements between the columns and the weight of them. I also changed how the text box’s responds to each column, this is called the Text Frame Options. By doing this it will have a level of consistency which will make the flow of the book a lot nicer to read.

Oh I also emailed Stephen the Dr, who has wrote about autism on a whole and how the stigma needs to go. I have asks for permission if I can use his quote to be able to use in my book. I am just waiting for the response now. Quite happy with today’s level of work done. I need to trying and finish all my work by the 22nd of April as then I can give everything to Shirley well before the deadline and then I can look at everything I have done and really evaluate my work, by doing this I can add improvements which could be the different between a 2:1 and a first, I would really love to get a first in my honours project. I am not gonna stop through the Easter half term! 



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