Layout & editorial

I have been relearning my layout skills, I completed a project last year that pushed on my layout and indesign skills, it was extremely useful and I have a big knowledge base for page layout however I just needed to refresh as I literally have been a bit rubbish and not applied it since (sorry Shirley) So its a must that I definitely have to use it for my books for my honours project I have been on and CreativeBloq and there are some articles that are extremely helpful especially when it talks about illustrated books. Since I am on a rubbish computer in Uni I cannot print out to experiment in my sketchbook so I will have to make do with print screens and blog posts for today. I definitely will be playing around and using white space in my second book which will be aimed at parents and carers. I am very excited to start that as I can really play around with type placement and editorial. Very exciting.


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