Book inspiration

I have been looking at multiply books including Seeing: which is more visual and based around the images and more of the lack of words, the University of the Arts London booklet which was about the the facts about chelsea college that you didn’t know but to showcase the students work. Its messy and small but the actual layout in the book is really nice and its tiny which I really like it seems more suitable for the books I’m making to be this small as its pocket size and can be easy to carry around. Its easy to see how they have kept it consistent, left page aligned is for text and typography and to the right is the image or illustration. (sometimes it fits which the text and sometimes it doesn’t) Which makes me like it a little bit more. I also had a peak at David Shrigley’s book which I love, its amazing and hilarious. Not the style I am looking for but the pages are inviting and you want to turn over and keep reading. This is the effect I want to have on my readers.


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