Monday FunDay

Today I got my working head on and started a new character profile for my book character, I have a full A3 page of facial expressions which I will go talking about with Ben, to see how he see’s the faces and if he can recognise the different expressions. Hopefully he will!

I then had a little photography session involving my ‘The little bear book’ we used the raw option on the Nikon, as it can be easily edited as it targets the fray and white balance. I have taken screen shots of the process. These kind of shots which I have used natural light are useful and good for product shots, ideal with websites like Etsy and this website! We then went to edit the shots on Light Room however this program wasn’t installed on the macs in the studio, which is daft. So we had to make do with Photoshop. We edited the white balance and changed the tint and temperature of the shot to make it more neutral. We then enabled the lens profile corrections. We then took close up shots of my book using the micro lens, as it focuses in really close. This actually looks nice and effective. I have seen it used during other product shots on websites including Catherine Rayner. Her book shots look professional and absolutely lovely.



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