Early morning 

Colouring is the new craze! And there is now a shortage of pencils, this is on skypapers news now, probably more  useful for Jennies project than mine but good to know, I have gotten up extra early for work so I can cram in the news, ted talks and a little nose at behance. I’m getting addicted to nosing every morning at all of these! Good habit. I’m quite confident with my progress with my honours project is just getting it done now, I’m going to experient with my info pacts with typography and text placement as it’s easier to play around with graphics for fully cognitive adults than Autistic children/youths. So at the moment it’s quite difficult to really play around as I have to be aware of how someone weigh autism will view it, this includes literal thinking and colours. Quite difficult to play! However I am still loving just drawing senorios and colouring in using Photoshop and illustrator. I have been talking with my brother Ben about my book and the illustrations about him, he does not quite understand or maybe he does, and just isn’t fussed not quite sure however he loved drawing for me knowing it was going to add his own personal touch into my book, it’s lovely. 


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