Talk with Paxman

IMG_5422Today I had a good sit down with Paxman and went through all my work since the presentation, I talked about Ben’s Feedback from my book which was useful and I was talking about Ben which was really funny and I just remembered lots of things that at the time doesn’t seem funny but when in conversation its just brilliant. Now I’m not laughing at Ben or his autism but sometimes which out meaning to laugh at situations you do, and everyone does it. I’m not just trying to educate people about autism but bring to life all the quirky and funny moments that I have experienced with my brother. I have now realised that I meed to add these moments maybe its his constant eating like a fish habits or sneaking to the fridge or even eating Jennies chippy dinner, it could also be in contrast to be DPS illustration about ben being intimidated by crowds to him loving being at Comicon at Liverpool recently, the words I used was being ‘with his tribe’ or finding ‘his tribe’ which seemed to fit accurately. I am extremely happy with these new ideas, I have also published a GIF on Vimeo and I’m Instagram account of just the ‘sometimes’ disorganised and unfiltered mind of my autistic brother.


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