Book? what book

I had 10 of my The Lost Little Bear book printed and they have all been bought! So happy, had some amazing feedback, I have also had to get another 20 printed as I have orders ready and waiting. Over the moon. I posted it first on Facebook and the responses within a few hours have been amazing not only have people been commenting on my post asking for a book but I had had a few private inboxes! I have got over 15 orders ready to go, but only 9 available so I have already noted that it’s going to be weeks wait on the books! I couldn’t be happier. I also had an email off BookFuel a new upcoming way to self-start your own publishing servicers! I didn’t realise that I had been following this agency on Instagram and that how they found my website and my email address, small world! I am going to look into their servers and I might take them up on it! Good feed back all around.

Update: Today I have also finished the DPF of my filtered mind illustration of Ben and his thought process, I have turned it into a forever playing GIF, so that will be on my Instagram tonight!


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