Autism societies

Over the weekend I have been thinking hard about my project, and unfortunately couldn’t include my brother in any of the plans because he was at Comincon! Too busy for me. However I am minding him tonight so I am going to go through all of my book pages and type/designs and see what he likes/what he doesn’t. Then I’m going t try and incorporate his drawings and even ideas in my designs. I want my book to really represent my brother to a Tee. Yesterday I sat down and watched Whats Eating Gilbert Grape, ¬†Leonardo DiCaprio plays a severe autistic boy, and I wanted to cry all the way through it, as my brother only has mild autism, I sometimes forget that a lot of families and children have the syndrome that is extremely severe and its difficult and heart breaking that funding left right and centre is being cut. People are being ignored, families are being forgotten about and people are still UNEDUCATED, its the taboo that shouldn’t really be a taboo anymore. Autistic people are now the biggest minority group in the world and more education needs to be done to get this across!!

Anyone who hasn’t seen the film needs to watch it though, its really touching and emotional, it really makes me appreciate all the parents and carers who everyday are donating all their time and effort into looking after people with autism. I have also joined multiply autism societies and groups on sites like Facebook and Twitter also there are a lot of forums online which are full of wonderful stories and tips for parents and families.


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