Presentation notes

Im glad I have finished my presentation, I poo’d myself, but I got really good feedback and notes which I’m definitely going to take into consideration, inlacing changing some of the layouts and playing around with the facial expressions. For example of one of my pages is of Ben’s thought process so I need to really exaggerate this, and fill the whole page, I think this will emphasize the emotion and feeling, all spilling out of control. Another thing that I am going to do is let Ben draw his imagination of how he see things. I really want to include him and bring him apart of the book, this is also ideal as I will see what colours he likes, what he doesn’t, what typeface is suitable for him and if he understands the character. This will really bring a real aspect and emotional one to my book. I need to start recording situations and putting them into a log book of sorts, then I can build a real life profile of Ben and with real life situations. I’m excited to do this! I think he will feel quite proud of having his own book about him, gives him a sense of connection with the character.



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