Slight change

I had already created character profiles for my book character, however I have kept the body shape the face is a lot more simple and can be easily manipulated , I am happy with what I have so far I’m hoping that I can set to complete at least 5 pages next week, would I would be really happy with. I have had to put up multiply deadlines, as I have two books that I need to complete and other things including a leaflet or booklet which I already have ideas for, keeping it simple throughout all my designs, books included. I don’t want to complicate things in the pages with too much text or busy illustrations.

This is just sort of where I am at drawing. I have most of my illustrations, its just the format and layout, tomorrow I am going to start putting some pages on indesign, I will then be showing this at my presentation tomorrow.  I can change and manipulate all the colours and layout for my pages. This illustration with all the mixed up words is meant to represent the mind of some autistic children, one’s who struggle to filter their thoughts and emotions.


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