Daily log

Today went far too quick, we have an outside marker coming in tomorrow, which means everyone was quite panicked. However, my portfolio is all done and dusted. Now I just need to get my new box portfolio, which is more presentable and less messy.

Also, I finished off a poster for Kevin, a performing arts student, I think is a part of Linear Theatre, its nice as I and a few others created their logo. Anyhow, that poster is done, and I have even created another two versions on top of that with current changes. Done quite a few little posters here and there for Linear Theatre now. I completed the James and the Giant Peach not too long ago, which I loved doing.

Now it’s time to get my bum in gear, the hand in for Macmillan is coming far too quickly, it’s not till next month but I need to tick it off the list so I can focus purely on Honours project. I also worked on some of my character profiles which I am trying to build up. Slow and steady!


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