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My aim was to look into the Autism Spectrum, the history, the spike in cases in the 80s/90s and the false allegations made against vaccines which scared the crap out of parents! TedTalks and other videos which I have found credible on youtube and the internet have made it a lot easier and more insightful from learning from practitioners and professionals. Its scary how much is still not known about autism, and the stigma against it.

Here is a TedTalk from a man called Steve Silberman, its brilliant, this has led me to look more into Steve and his research, I have looked into one of his books called NeuroTribes, The Legacy of Autism. Its (mainly) free so I have read a good chunk of the book this morning. One area of the book I have enjoyed is the stories especially around chapter VI, of the little boy who loved green straws. The story was from of view of most of the family members, himself, the father, and the boys sisters. Here is a link to the book. Its really good, I’m going to recommend it to my mother who will definitely love reading it.

What I can’t seem to grasp is the book making part of this project, there is a saying that if you have met one autistic person, well, you have only met one autistic person, because the traits, personalities, and genes are completely different. I think this is true, I personally know and have accounts of a number of autistic children and adults. Since my brother got diagnosed I have noticed certain similarities, involving eye contact and social interaction. Even in my work place, there is a woman who comes in every day and orders a skinny latte, she always is extremely polite but does never look and me and tries not to carry on any further conversation, lots of people think she is rude but I think there could be more too it, and she could struggle with social interaction.

SO the whole issue about what autistic children want to read is harder than I originally thought, like I said once you meet one autistic child thats basically all you have done met one child.


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