Case studies for real

So I have been pulling my actual first-hand primary research from mothers and children who I am already honoured to know facts, either about their family life, issues, problems, and solutions. I have a full report from my mother, my own review, my little brother, Sue, her son, Collete, and both of her daughters, one of whom has autism. I also had a Meeting on Tuesday with Victoria Blackburn, she has a number of degrees, and experience focussing on cognitive behaviour in adult and children, teaching children, and now currently on her third degree of social studies. She has had first-hand experience with children and adults who have autism, and without, lots of people have cognitive and behaviour issues without having to be on the autism spectrum. Talking to her gave me a real insight into how people think, and behave. She recently, before her social studies was working with people who had recently come out of prison, she was their personal cognitive therapist. She knew exactly what their crime was, and the action that was used as punishment. This helped her understand what type of criminal they was, petty or serious. This gave her lots of insight to people who most definite should have been diagnosed.

I met up with her on Tuesday 16th, it has been extremely helpful, I will write up the full reports as for now I only have notes. Bazinga


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