Case Studies

I have been trying to get together real case studies of families who are living with someone who has ASD, ADD, or is on the Autism Spectrum. My goal to try and find out what help or in lots of circumstance help they didn’t receive when trying to get their child diagnosed and given an official statement. Without a statement, which some parents can wait up to 8 years to obtain, it can be extremely difficult to get the appropriate help and support. Even with secondary school, without a statement, it could mean a child having to go to a public school, without any further help. This is the worst case scenario.

I have been working with a woman called Sue for a few months and we got to talking about her son who is 7 and my brother, as you know my brother has been diagnosed and statemented with Asperger’s, however the system changed around a year ago, and they have tried to cut down the labels, and everything is now cushioned underneath autism. She has been trying to get her son statemented since the age of 2, since she already has a teenager she knew the developments of a normal cognitive child, and straight away she said he was different. Not in a bad way but he didn’t act the way other children his age acted. Her doctor, the school, and the schools specialised autism sector have agreed he has qualities that suggest he has autism.

Compared to my little brother, his cognitive and social skills are completely different. Ben, my brother struggles with the academic side of school, he gets extremely frustrated with numbers and words, which is probably heightened by him having dyslexia, but he can socially without hesitation talk to other children, might take a while but he loves playing, usually with younger children. However Sue’s child is extremely gifted, academically, he has taught himself a number of languages, including Japanese, he has won a number of spelling bee’s beating children of far higher Key stages, but he does not understand the concept of play, of social interaction, he will play next to children but not with children. These show the diverse range of autism, and there is much more personalities that I haven’t got statements for yet.

Ben loves lego, he could build anything, and never lose concentration, give him something from school and within 30 seconds his mind has already wandered, Sue’s child cannot have anyone touch his hair. It’s the little things you have to look out for. Another Child who I know personally called Maisy is such a little madam and character, while Ben is very sensitive and emotional, Maisy is very collected, if she can’t do something she doesn’t care, if someone called her a name or shouted at her, it wouldn’t phase her, if anything she would shout right back. Her mouth plays no favour with other mums and she’s terrible for the F word, F this, F that. She isn’t doing it to be naughty, she has heard it said by adults and now can’t separate why adults can say it and she cant. While she will talk to anymore, she has no line, it’s sort of like word vomit, she will talk about extremely inappropriate things to anyone, anywhere, at any time. Similar to Ben, Ben knows when to say things and when not, but he cannot understand certain emotions or situations, for example if he saw me crying, he would freeze, it is not something that he can deal with, he could understands why I was sad, but that empathy to actually putting himself in my shoes isn’t quite there yet.

They difference in behaviours, cognitive skills, social skills, and most of the aspects are of a child’s life with autism is completely varied from one to the next, that’s why it’s hard to aim a book for a child with autism as they all are completely different and seen as it’s not just one gene that can effective the brains development but 200 to 400. Crazy.





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