Ted Talks: Autism

I have been trying to find case studies around autism, the meaning, the diagnosis, and the treatment. I have also looked at the funding not just in the UK but further a field. I have been looking at funding that was given to Montclair State Center for Autism and Early Childhood Mental Health at the Montclair State University. 1.5 Billion was given and it will definitely have a profound effect on children and adults with  autism. I have wrote all the notes I needed and its crazy the things you don’t know! I have learnt about the developing technology of eye tracking for infects and babies to identify the pattern in which they socialise with the outside world. It was really sad to see the difference between a healthy cognitive 2 year old and a two year old signs of autism. The eye contact didn’t exist, they autism child would either look at the surround area but not at the persons eye. It is really emotional seeing it, but necessary.


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