Friday was great! All the year groups went to visit the archives with Andy, Shirley, and Adam. It was at the university library, it had over 25 thousand books ready to be examined and researched, we all had to wear gloves and wrap up as the books had to be looked after at certain temperatures. To keep them well happy and Larry, so no damage is done, as some of them are really old. It was so inspiring I went through the artist books and the children’s section as it linked with my final honours project. I definitely want to go back, sooner rather than later. We also looked at two exhibitions one, Paul Hogarth, who was an English artist and illustrator. He is best known for the cover drawings that he prepared in the 1980s for the Penguin edition of Graham Greene’s books, some of the originals illustrators were placed next to chosen penguin books, it was amazing. The next exhibition was of Barnett Freedman who was a British painter, commercial designer, book illustrator, typographer, and lithographer. His work is honestly beautiful, the finishing details to the binding of his books and the way he produced his small detailed illustrations, are something else.

Then we went to the Whitworth Museum, I had to take zillion pictures (I may have taken more pictures in the achieves but don’t tell anyone!) While I was there it gave me a lot of inspiration for my final honours project. I also bought two books that I think will help me along the way, one called ‘drawing is the thing’ by Walter Sickert and British Watercolours by Charles Nugent. I originally was only going to purchase drawing is the thing, but I couldn’t help myself. I also got some Rob Ryan cards which are delightful, never going to give them to anyone, though! They are mine. And mine only! I thought the whole trip was brilliant.

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