I am trying to badly finish off my MacMillan book project sow I can then spend all my time and effort on my honours, hopefully, It will be done in around a week.

I find drawing and creating illustrations very therapeutic however I am struggling with the layout and text, I’m not an author and don’t I know it!! This is something I am going to tackle to help me during my honours project!

I have been told to look at Varoom, an illustration publication website which post current and interesting issues. Its very useful and interesting.

At the minute I have nearly put all my pages together for my book, and in-between doing this having a little read of AMPHIGORY TOO, which is by Edward Gorey. The illustrations are amazing and its very dark, just what I like, and looking at Shaun Tan, his illustrations are impeccable. Really inspiring.

Another Journal that Adam has given me is the Journal of illustrations its a bit more serious than lets say Varoom, but its good and extremely informative.


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