This week has been very very very good!! I found out my marks for my dissertation which was a ‘FIRST’, which I am delighted over, I honestly couldn’t be any happier. I only received a 2:2 last year, I was so disappointed, so I really tried, I had some help off Anna, who helped me increase my analytical and writing skills, wouldn’t have received the marks I got without her or Adam Paxman. Definitely will have to get the some flowers and a bottle of Prosecco.

It has given me a boost anyways. I know what to do amazing more than I ever have before. Next thing I am quite happy with is my feedback from Smiling Wolf. We had our last meeting with them on Friday and all the constructive criticism mostly pointed at our type. Just the minor details, things that were not left aligned and little rubbish stuff, that we already know but, now it’s a big deal. TYPE is everything it’s the foundation for nearly all design and if your type is wrong, then it will reflect all they way through a piece of work! Smiling Wolf also gave us some useful and resourceful books to buy which beth jotted down, so going to invest in them. It’s been a wind whirl experience and has given me first-hand experience of the difference between university and studio briefs. I feel really inspired the past few days, I want to learn things, going to definitely start reading journals weekly, I think at my level, it’s essential and I feel quite guilty that I haven’t already started.

Anyways I’m happy.

I have a little side project which I haven’t really started yet for Creative arts (I think, how awful) Which I am going to start working on this weekend.


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