Trying to get everything in order now, I have just completed four pages for our branding guideline booklet for Binary festival I looked into logo variation, what not t do that the logo, the making of the logo, and our background patterns and that can vary. I actually like looking at the detail of the design, and the reasons, it makes so much more sense when you break down all the issues and details.

I have also looked into the Macmillan deadline which has given me a breather, I have till 19th April to complete everything, however, I want this to be completed before then! I have two books to start illustration for my honours but I need the correct and proper research, primary secondary, and don’t forget the case studies. I am going to visit Woodland Primary school, and have chats, not interviews, with teachers, children, and maybe parents. I already have a few people that are friends with my mum willing to talk about the help they got for their chip or children. I want to target this and eliminate any parent or carer feeling vulnerable or alone. Which they are not.

This lets me to a little talk with Paxman about children’s books and writing them, it let us talk about the first edition of the original golf and fairly tails of the Brothers Grim. Its a lovely book, I read a few stories, one called Mother Holle, which is basically our modern Cinderella, and The little mouse, the little bird, and the little sausage. Delightful.

This afternoon session was basically sorting out the branding for the Honours show, This included symbols and primary colours, maybe illustrations of us as designers, which could be drawn by Adam Paxman, which is quite exciting. We all worked together and started putting basic patterns and symbols together. We also looked at themes and names of what the show could be called. The symbols are going to be quite simple, then they can be easily manipulated and mass produced to be either vinyl or stickers. The ideas and possibilities are exciting!!


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