Binary festival

img_4873I think this project was a bit erm let’s say hit and miss, I think it’s been a whirl wind, one minute I hated it the next, I thought it was the best thing ever. It has really given me knowledge of the difference between uni briefs and live briefs, sometimes people either want more or not put the correct credentials down on the paper. This is I think what happened with smiling wolf, as much as I appriciate their honest in the first meeting I feel, they didn’t understand our thought process and idea behind the group project, which maybe is fault on mine and the girls end, so now we are hitting back, we have our final meeting on Friday, and gonna give them everything they want! We split the jobs up to get things done as there is 4 of us in the group. Beth was given the roll for self promotion and social media, I created the indent video and leaflet/guide sheet, and Jennie and Faye are handling our brand guidelines book. It literally is all coming together and is very exciting. We have all been promoting our work on our social media sites which is working a charm, and hopefully, with lots of thumbs up, we get the approval from Simon, the leading director of smiling wolf. Cheers




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