Honours Ideas

Research for the presentation and display of my honours project ideas. Scary stuff. I am looking at different exhibitions either displayed at previous universities, at looking at MMU at the minute and museums. Places like Tate, and FACT are my first direction I’m going to look into. I am trying to look more globally at exhibitions around Europe and Tokyo. This will give me a clear understanding to how to get the best out of my work, I really want to create a space that automatically absorbs you into this book/illustrative world, with characters, possibly life size and book pages that could be as big as 5 foot! This is really where I’m pushing towards. I am going to start saving money, as it will definitely be costly, all the life scale printing and back boarding for support. Costa gonna help towards my costalot exhibition.

Here is a video, not exactly what I had in mind but this idea of using space and a camera to record the making of the space is a lovely idea. They have furniture and objects, which set the tone of the whole area.


I want more of an installations that people can interact with. ALL I know is that it has to be. I have also been looking at the POP UP Show that is usually held in Milan and Paris but Its coming to London, according to Creative Review.  https://www.creativereview.co.uk/cr-blog/2015/april/pop-up-show-comes-to-london/

Here is a mixture of images from MMJ, Tate, and Creative Review. They all intrigue me, lights are often use, it adds depth and more feeling to the installations, it seems to add importance, and brings me eyes in. I also love the life size version of a book from MMJ Fine Art Degree Show. and the tree. Its so raw looking having objects like nature.

This video of Charlie Phillips from the Guardians has really inspired me to to record visually my primary research talking to children and parents/guardians living and dealing with ADD, ADHD, and the spectrum.

For some silly reason its not letting me share the video onto this blog but heres the link and you’ll completely understand why I now want to make a small documentary of basically my primary research. http://www.theguardian.com/guardian-masterclasses/video/how-to-pitch-your-documentary-and-get-funding-with-charlie-phillips-video




3 thoughts on “Honours Ideas

  1. go an photograph the exhibition space….First floor. Separate your images into rooms, corridors etc. This will help with the planning stages. (Even though its not set yet, but at least you can have a look at each possibility).

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