whats so funny about Asperger Syndrome

I have started to go into depth for my honours project and look at people’s personal accounts, who have Asperger Syndrome or anything else of the spectrum, and find out exactly how they act, how they feel, and even how they hear things. The world is extremely different from the eyes of a child or adult (But I’m aiming at children for my book range) as they don’t quite understand why they do things differently, or seem cold, arrogant or lazy. These are typical things that I have heard personally used against my brother. And other children who I know. It’s hard to break that cycle. From my dissertation I looked at mental health, now I’m looking at disorders around children’s health and there’s a stigma, it’s big and it is scary, and it seems that no one wants to give these people any sympathy. It isn’t half sad. BUT on a lighter note, it’s getting slightly better, there’s a lot more programs about it, more documentaries, and even things like the big bang theory, it has been suggested that Sheldon suffers from syndromes from the spectrum, which is getting talked about.. a hell of a lot actually. I want to also contribute to making it a little bit better.


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