From feedback the other day, I am fairly happy with my results it is not set in stone yet as uclan can change the marks, but it makes sense, a few things that did keep getting brought up was my attention to detail, I had never noticed how it can effect my outcome of my work by minor little things, but I definitely want to improve on this! No bad camera shots or unnecessary pictures in my portfolio, everything has to be perfect. I had used a website too called graphics burger which does make work and products look amazing but as I am a B.A level 6 student, it does make sense that I should do it myself, and I cannot complain, I can do it.. easy!

Today I am currently suffering from a horrible migraine, and I never usually get them, unlucky, but I do need to finish what I started, my bear book! I have taken my feedback into account and I want to make changes to my pages and continue making more and get this thing printed! I already have 1 buyer, which does give me warm butterfly feelings in my belly so that is giving me a push to get it finished. I love illustrating and drawing but it isn’t half daunting knowing that I am doing it all by myself, silly really. Hey Ho, onwards we go.


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