This close 

Okay, so I started to get a bit panicked when thenewspaperclub hasn’t sent me any delivery information or even a reference number so I could track my newspaper, and guess what, you’ll never guess…. Even though it told me I could order for Thursday 31st by 2pm and have it for the 4th (if I paid for a curier) which I did! It was shut!!!!!! So that means it’s getting printed today, which also means, I highly doubt it will arrive in time for my deadline on Wednesday.

I’m on a train right now and could easily throw myself out the window. I’m deffinitly sending them a nasty bloody email!! I want my money back.

Hey ho, onto plan B! Off into uni today to print off my newspaper myself and get it stitched together, I’m literally having an emotional breakdown, send help


2 thoughts on “This close 

    1. Hehe thanks Shirley! I printed off today, going to get some wax coated Cotten to sow it together! I’m trying my hardest to remember when we bonded our books with you first year!

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