For my final end of year project, I want to create something that can contribute towards something. (if that makes sense) I did want to just illustrate books, but, what kind of books. My current project I am working on about the albino bear has made me realise what my target audience should be, children suffering and living with autism, ADD, ADHD, and general issues including self-esteem and times of confusion and loneliness. The books could even be divided, it could include tips and activities to help parents and give them slight advice. From first-hand experience, my little brother suffers from a number of issues including, Aspergers a form of autism, ADD, ADHD, dyspraxia, and dyslexia, and there’s a few more but you get my point. It took my mum years before he properly got diagnosed and it was extremely stressful, as neither of us knew how to deal with his emotions, the mood swings ben, the unmotivated spaced out ben, the hyperactive ben. And there’s a terrible stigma with ADHD and autism as people, in this bloody day and age still don’t think it is real. You hear the old ‘well back in my day that was just being naughty’ or ‘they like to label things now’. It’s so wrong how uneducated people are! Its the exact same with mental illness, if any part of the body gets sick or doesn’t work properly, you get sympathy except for if you have problems with your brain. like I said its so wrong.

Maybe I should  create a write-up book, not for children but for adults! To educate and to learn them properly how to help children who are suffering and not punish them. It can be difficult, I know Ben, my brother, is a right pain in the bum sometimes. But I also know he doesn’t mean it, he isn’t purposely trying to be ‘soft’ or unhelpful, he’s just Ben.

Here is some websites that I found to be quite useful, my next step is to research areas about ADD and ADHD and what are the main issues children deal with.  This can then give me insights to the difficulties to everyday life that maybe other children wouldn’t suffer with. I could then illustrate a story that connects with the child, gives them a sense of companionship maybe or connection to the character, give them the feeling that they are not alone.



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